Visualize smarter business decisions, faster.

Advanced data visualization & discovery for your Amazon business. Included in all Insite for FBA packages.

What is Amaze?

Visualize your entire business's health in one screen.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then one tree map is worth ten thousand spreadsheets.

It's easy to see exactly where you need to liquidate, reorder, or reblance your inventory so you can hold your buyers accountable. With Amaze, you'll make better decisions, faster.

Historical Views

Get History On Your Side

  • Slice and dice your historical data for accurate forecasting.
  • Spot and take actions on seasonal trends.
  • Filter by brands and SKUs for targeted reporting.


Spot problems & opportunities faster

  • See the health of your entire business, down to the SKU level, in one, comprehensive view.
  • Gain a high level picture of the risks & imbalances in your inventory portfolio.
  • Uncover avoidable costs & spot new profit opportunities.


Identify the causes of poor performance

  • Discover the drivers of brand and buyer performance.
  • Analyze issues at multiple levels at once: buyer, brand & SKU.
  • Visually prioritize the size of business opportunities and costs.


Keep buyers & Management on the Same Page

  • Empower buyers to make better business decisions.
  • Hold buyers accountable for investments. Drill down into buyer performance at the brand and SKU level.
  • Compare buyer performance with rich, visual reporting.

Client Success Plan

Amazon Analytics for All

Amaze included in all of our Insite for FBA packages. We also use it to create custom Client Success Plans for each and every customer.

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