Manage your entire FBA business in one place.

Teikametrics Insite™ for FBA

Profit margin data at your fingertips.

Teikametrics Insite™ for Amazon FBA gives you the data you need to make better trading decisions.

Drive sales with data. See at a glance:

  • Revenue by SKU and supplier
  • Gross margin
  • Inventory stock value
  • Days of Inventory
  • ... and more.

Graph sales trends by supplier and brand

Powerful, intuitive tools to see growth.

Teikametrics Insite™ for FBA allows you to group products by supplier or brand. segment your revenue and trends. Compare brands over the same time period. See which product groups are driving your overall FBA revenue. Prioritize, optimize, and see real growth.

Analyze sales rank and velocity

Spot trading trends faster.

Teikametrics Insite™ for FBA is the only Amazon FBA inventory management solution that securely stores all the metrics data so you can analyze historical trends and seasonality. Understand your sales rank trends. Analyze seasonality and spikes in demand.

Clear out stale inventory

Investing in inventory is like managing a stock portfolio. See exactly which investments aren't panning out so you can take action.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. For a retailer, stale inventory is the beast that just keeps growing: the longer you let it sit, the less it's worth. And without positive cash flow, you can't pay suppliers or invest in profitable products. Taking a disciplined, systematic approach to stale inventory is essential for the long-term health of any Amazon store.

  • Breaks down stale inventory by time periods and percentages
  • Organized by brand/supplier
  • Drill down to the SKU level to see exactly what's going on
Will Aubuchon
"Teikametrics has had a huge impact for our Amazon channel. We increased sales by becoming competitive with product opportunities that were completely missed before. What really made the difference was how they implemented the strategy they provided. That saved us thousands of dollars and months of my team's time."


All backed by our expert support.

Professional Amazon repricing done right.

An Amazon optimization strategy is as much about accurate configuration and ongoing management as it is about cutting edge technology. We provide you with both.

Our team of experts on Amazon FBA will help you optimize your catalog based on your data and trading objectives, pre-test your results, and will provide unlimited ongoing expert technical support.

Our proprietary software for Amazon sellers is developed in-house and is supported by our development team based in Boston, MA.

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