Optimize and automate your Amazon store with data.

See and spend where the profits are.
Tools built for Amazon sellers, by Amazon sellers.

repricing software done right

Real-time repricing, customized for you.

Take advantage of us. We’ve back-tested millions of data points and analyzed thousands of competitive game scenarios.

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  • Real-time pricing. Edge out your competition by responding to their pricing adjustments in a matter of minutes.
  • More per sale. Generate more Gross Margin per SKU vs. competitive repricing solutions by repricing accurately upwards
  • Customizable parameters. Position your catalog into the optimal Buy Box positions based on configurable parameters.

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case studies

Newbury Comics

Through a combination of business automation and customized, real-time repricing, we grew this Boston retailer's Amazon channel into the millions.

Teikametrics Insite™ for FBA

Uncover how much your inventory is costing you

Using Amazon FBA? We organize your data into easy-to-read charts and graphs so you can see - and spend - where the profits are.

See what products are driving—or sinking—your business.

  • Analyze sales rank and sales velocity by product
  • Discover which brands, suppliers, and products are driving the most profit
  • Segment stale inventory by time period to improve cash flow
  • Analyze historical sales rank and velocity
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product scout

Find new products that make you money.

Don't just optimize your existing inventory. Grow it.

Product Scout finds promising new SKUs that you aren't carrying yet. Pair that with powerful at-a-glance analytics for each potential product for a killer secret weapon.

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Teikametrics Insite™ for FBA

Automate smarter restocking

Increase profits and reduce stockouts on your best products.

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Focus on the 20% of your business that generates 80% of the profits, rather than trying to keep everything in stock.

  • Restocking opportunities, sorted by expected profit.
  • Add SKUs to a purchase order with two clicks.
  • Accurately predicts DOI (Days of Inventory), per product
  • See expected profit margin and competitive scenario at point of restocking

Purchase Orders

Build purchase orders with ROI.

Put your money where your data is.

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  • Data-driven purchase orders. Add to purchase orders from our restocking reports and product scout results.
  • Just two clicks. Do everything in one place to save time. Creating purchase orders is as easy as snapping your fingers (or giving someone a high five).
  • Integrated with shipping. Track associated shipments and see status, all organized within one screen.


Shipping to FBA should be easy.

So we simplified it. Create and print labels for your FBA shipments. Then keep track of them.

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  • Generate and manage shipments. Create a purchase order, then generate your FBA shipment packing slips with a click.
  • Save time with labeling. Automatically generates printable labels to streamline your shipping process.
  • Reconcile shipments with Amazon. You shipped 14 units but Amazon says they only received 10 of them? Get notification right away so you can file a claim.

Strategy, support, & setup

Strategic guidance. Custom setup.

Success is part of our onboarding process.

An Amazon optimization strategy is as much about accurate configuration and ongoing strategic guidance as it is about the software. You'll get both.

Our team of experts on Amazon FBA will help you optimize your catalog based on your data and trading objectives, pre-test your results, and will provide unlimited ongoing expert technical support.

Our proprietary software is developed in-house and supported by the same people who built it. If you're in Boston, feel free to drop by and say "hello" to our engineers (and the rest of us, too!).

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