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Data Mining

Amazon product data mining

Knowledge of the best trading opportunities.

Our market intelligence tools for Amazon Sellers provide clients with an unprecendented edge:

  • Identify new trading opportunities
  • Predict product's expected value
  • Receive detailed marketplace data
  • ...and more.

Price Analysis

Know the pricing landscape

Teikametrics provides custom development and consulting capabilities to sample pricing data from product catalog selections on individual .com websites or marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Sears, and Newegg.

Pricing data can be sampled, captured, and compiled at high frequency to build a dataset for analysis.

be able to

  • Predict pricing movements
  • Understand your competitors pricing
  • Identify variations in cross-channel pricing
  • Analyze global pricing variability between countries and regions

inventory optimization

Increase margins. Reduce stale inventory.

Teikametrics can improve the efficiency of your catalog with our proven inventory optimization processes. By using our flexible data analytics platform together with applied statistics optimization models, we can uncover data patterns and actionable strategies to improve performance.

use it to

  • Optimize restocking processes
  • Reduce stale inventory
  • Increase profitability per SKU
  • Reduce input, storage, process and other variable costs
  • Uncover new products

competitive intelligence

Know what they're up to.

Get an unprecedented edge over your competition. Gather and monitor intelligence on critical aspects of your competitors pricing, catalog coverage, growth rate, historical performance, and much more. We'll handle all data collection and deliver analysis

get an edge

  • Track your competitor’s performance
  • Analyze your competitor’s catalog coverage
  • Analyze your competitor’s pricing strategy
  • Analyze your competitor’s multi-channel strategy

data capture

Bespoke tools. Completely custom results.

Teikametrics team of engineers and e-commerce data scientists have the capability to build bespoke tools that can be used to sample virtually any data from e-commerce websites. Our flexible and robust data storage layer enables data to be sampled at customizable frequencies providing an unprecedented level of resolution. Data can be analyzed via our customizable framework or exported into standard file formats.

use bespoke capture to

  • Capture additional catalog data for optimization
  • Build custom datasets on brands, sellers, competitors, and more
  • Refine product data and parameters
  • Test and refine pricing strategies

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