Like hiring a private eye for pricing.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Monitoring

map monitoring

MAP price monitoring for manufacturers and retailers.

Automatically identify every MAP violation.

  • Pinpoint offenders. Understand exactly which resellers are violating MAP across your catalog and record detailed violation history by product and reseller.
  • Pricing Clarity. New violators are automatically recorded within hours, giving you the most up to date view of your pricing landscape.
  • Competitive intelligence. Visibility and controls to manage pricing in the 'Wild Wild West'.

MAP Calendar™

At a glance history of every MAP violation.

MAP Calendar™ is a unique historical representation of every violation across your catalog. A quick glance of the intuitive calendar format will enable you to see which products are seeing the most MAP violations and when.

Automated screen capture

Capture vital MAP violation evidence.

When a violation is identified, a live screen shot of the product's complete reseller roster is captured - unquestionable evidence of exactly how, who, and when the MAP violation occurred.

email alerts

MAP violation alerts

Configure email alerts so you can rapidly react to new MAP violators.

Real-time alerts of new MAP violators:

  • Daily or weekly summary reports
  • Assign alerts to multiple email addresses
  • Automate the communications across specific price management employees or your entire team

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