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Don't Follow The Crowd:
Perfect Competition in Ecommerce Markets

Perfect Competition is a theoretical market scenario where no sellers achieve profit above break-even and every seller is a 'price taker'. Some e-commerce markets are so competitive that their sellers are almost in Perfect Competition.

As e-commerce marketplaces continue to improve the efficiency of transactions bringing more efficient supply from more sellers, the marketplace begins to move towards a perfectly competitive scenario.

An understanding of a perfectly competitive market can help you take control of your business's supply strategy, so you'reĀ acting strategically, and looking for opportunities that other suppliers cannot execute on.

When you download this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • Why there is no profit in the long-run if the market is 'too' efficient
  • The importance of barriers to entry
  • Why you don't want to become a 'price taker'
  • Why product selection is the key to long-run profits

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