Picture a lake. Fish are swimming, birds are chirping, and everything is natural. Creeks and rivers carry in and out water, replenishing the ecosystem with nutrients and sending nutrients along the way. The Amazon Marketing Cloud, or AMC, isn’t much different than a lake, and data are its nutrients. Each Amazon seller’s account acts as a river, bringing data nutrients in, and AMC sends that data back to your advertising network. And your business ecosystem flourishes. 

What is AMC?

AMC is a data clean room environment that allows Amazon advertisers a holistic view of their data across all channels, media, and accounts. Because of this, AMC helps advertisers better understand their positioning in the market, both on and off Amazon. 

AMC immediately helps advertisers become multichannel, a highly sought-after distinction in modern e-commerce. However, how do sellers and advertisers utilize AMC, and how can it help them achieve multichannel success? Regardless of your type of brand, there are several ways that brands are utilizing AMC. 

How Can Brands Use AMC?

  1. Better Understanding of Campaign Performance

    More robust data means better insights, and AMC can pinpoint data at the event level. This means any impression of your products, searches relevant to your brand, and data from your sponsored ads and DSP campaigns are compiled into one place. This helps advertisers better understand how each campaign is performing, how revenues are responding to campaigns, and how different advertising campaigns affect each other. 

    For example, Teikametrics helps advertisers by crafting reports that showcase the best ad types and combinations across their channels to drive important conversions, such as new-to-brand customers. Based on these insights, brands can optimize budgets and targets for the most incremental growth. 

    1. Identify New Audiences

    AMC pulls in robust audience insights that enable advertisers to pinpoint the demographic most often interacting with your brand. Who’s viewing your products? Who’s buying your products? AMC knows. 

    The granularity AMC provides is second to none, allowing advertisers to optimize their display tactics to focus on optimal audiences for conversions, engagement, and fostering loyalty.

    1. Unique Attribution Models

    All Amazon advertising performance is based on last-touch attribution. AMC, however, enables a multi-touch attribution model in which fully customized options move beyond last-touch or single-touchpoint attribution. For example, AMC can consider all impressions earlier in the customer journey to see how your ads nurture your shoppers. 

    You can credit both the first interaction of the journey, such as an impression on Amazon, and the last interaction, which could be turning on auto-renew. 

    1. Becoming Multichannel, Overnight

    AMC is not just for Amazon! AMC can help brands navigate the waters of their accounts and channels. AMC imports first-party data to showcase your business’s operations, not just Amazon. 

    Importing first-party channel data can also help improve your D2C sales. See how your ads affect off-Amazon channels and build audiences more likely to convert offline. This can help you ensure the most profitability possible.


    AMC is a robust tool that provides advertisers the data they need to hone audiences, optimize ad campaigns, and supercharge their revenue growth. Through AMC, Teikametrics helps brands and advertisers by delivering best practices, strategies, and innovations into the AMC network. 

    The data lake that AMC exists within can help you see that the birds are chirping and that the fish are swimming and help you ensure that the entire ecosystem is functioning properly. It showcases how each of your rivers interacts with each other and how to speed up their flow for maximum efficiency. 

    With AMC, brands can enrich their teams with the data they need to create meaningful impacts within the Amazon ecosystem. Supercharge your revenue with the most powerful marketing platform, AMC, and the most impressive AI in the retail media industry, Teikametrics. 

    Check out our recent eBook, E-commerce Made Easier With Amazon Marketing Cloud, to learn about AMC.