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Read how Allen Jones saved hours of time a week managing his ads using the Sponsored Products Optimizer.

Customer since May 2017

Interview with Allen Jones Teikametrics seller

Allen came to Teikametrics after having trouble with an existing advertising agency. He wanted to get more control over his Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns and better access to his data. The simplicity of the software has saved him hours of time a week.

How have you enjoyed using the Sponsored Products Optimizer?

It is definitely very easy. You only have to complete three steps. Previously we were using the Macros that the Amazon Sponsored Products team had provided. Even with that, we were not doing it in house. We started doing in house. It would take a least half an hour or so per day. So we decided to outsource the work. But unfortunately, I couldn’t tell what kind of work they would do. I was not comfortable with that. With this, the good thing is that it's completely in house and it takes much less time. The software itself is very easy to use.

Why did you decide to join Teikametrics?

“It works, your software works. It just tells us the area we need to focus on. We do that and we are done.

Well we had our work outsourced. There was no way to check on how much work the other people were doing. It is by bringing it in house we would monitor the steps ourselves and make sure that things get done in a timely basis. That main reason of bringing it in house. As far as the results when you compare I think we have seen some improvement. But I think we were already working on the steps that Amazon's sponsors teams had been doing. So for us I think the most important improvement is getting it done in house and where we can control the steps and save a lot of time.

How has Gauri, your customer success rep, helped you?

Gauri was always available with any questions we had, especially during the time we were getting set up. I remember we had a lot of questions. She was always prompt and she answered immediately. She would get on the conference call and share her screen. It would help us understand each part of the software and gave us examples. It was extremely helpful.

Allen has saved 10+ hours a week with Amazon Sponsored Products automation.

How does Teikametrics compare to other competitors?

Yeah. We have used a lot of others. I have seen other competitors' Amazon Sponsored Products software, but like I said, yours is the most simplest that I've seen. We don't want to spend too much time understanding each and every thing. It works, your software works. It just tells us the area we need to focus on. We do that and we are done. Like I said yours is the most basic and most straightforward user friendly product that I've seen.


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