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Read how Matt Keyser used Teikametrics data to increase visibility into his business and grow revenue.

Customer since August 2014

Interview with Matt Keyser Teikametrics reseller

Matt is one of Teikametrics’ oldest and most successful sellers. He came to Teikametrics originally to take control of his inventory and later started advertising. As a growing business his ability to scale became limited by the insights he had into his own data. Read how Matt Keyser has created his success using Teikametrics.

Why did you originally join Teikametrics?

We needed more data. We also really needed a repricer (which you guys have a great one), but ultimately we required more visibility into our profitability. We were at a point where we needed to find out our margins and keep track of what was selling best and how to monitor inventory, things like that.

How has using Insite for FBA helped your business?

“It helps us a lot to be able to drill down on a particular product and margins and costs”

Yeah. So I use all facets of Teikametrics. I check every day my margins. I love the Profitability Analyzer because it really, really narrows down how much money we're actually making, which is pretty hard to figure out without it. Margins are always shrinking on Amazon. Everyone's trying to fight for the same buy boxes and the same products, so it helps us a lot to be able to drill down on a particular product’s margins and costs.

I use profitability analyzer every day, I use the inventory software to reorder. I like the fact that it goes back to 90 days. I like it showing me inbound and what's in stock, and we use that to reorder. It gives me a quick overview of everything about where we are, so I use the main dashboard screen a lot too. As far as Unsold Inventory, I'll use that when there's times when we get to the holidays, when we want to clear out stuff before the end of the year. That allows me to separate the good from the bad. I use the dating on the system to give me a birds eye view of what’s aged. I like looking at numbers. I look at a lot of the analysis Teikametrics provides. It shows me how quickly my inventory is turning over and the margins on each individual line of products, and as a whole.

How are you enjoying Sponsored Products Optimizer so far?

We initially had it managed by Kathleen, and we've taken over since then. I think the SP Optimizer is great because it gives you way more insight than you're going to get, than just from Amazon by itself. Amazon contacted us last year and they wanted us to do Sponsored Ads with them. After that, they let us take it over from there. But, it's really hard to manage a small company, or even a large company, unless you have someone dedicated to managing those ads every day or even a few hours a week. It can be hard to find time.

Matt has avoided hiring seasonal employees thanks to Sponsored Products Optimizer

With Teikametrics, I can go in there and I can manage it pretty quickly with the click of a few buttons and get my numbers where I want them to be. I definitely think Teikametrics makes it a lot easier, and also, I think it encourages you sticking with the Amazon Sponsored Products, because it makes management so straight-forward.

How has your customer success representative, Kathleen, helped your business?

Since Kathleen has been my account rep, I really feel like she's accessible. That's the biggest part for me. If I do have a question or a problem, I can either open a chat or I can contact her through email and her schedule's not totally bogged down. If in the rare case I need more than a quick chat, we can schedule half an hour.

“Since Kathleen has been my account rep,
I really feel
like she's accessible.”

Moving forward with Sponsored Products, and whatever other pieces of software you guys come up with, I feel like she's going be there to answer my questions. And the other part of it too is, I genuinely feel like she cares about my business. I’ve had a lot of pieces of software where you never (ever) talk to a human being, and they do everything they possibly can to not let you talk to anyone. You really don't get the idea that they're really invested in my business. It’s not like that with Teikametrics. Teikametrics tells me, with everything they do, that they're interested in just growing my business.

What in your opinion differentiates Teikametrics from competitors?

Yeah. The last question goes right into this one. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned, and I've been in the internet business for 12 years, is that there's really no piece of software that's going be perfect. You're always trading off little bits here and there, and in some cases, you're trading off large bits. But, with Teikametrics, I feel like they're the most complete piece of the puzzle, with the overall quality of service and what you get for your money. I don't regret spending the money every month. Obviously, any overhead is bad overhead and we try to reduce that as much as we can, but the data that I get and the information that I get, between the profitability analyzer, the repricer and the help from Kathleen, is definitely worth it for me.

Teikametrics keeps coming up with new add-ons and not raising the price. That tells me that they're working behind the scenes to try to make the software as good as possible, and as long as they keep doing that, then I'm happy with everything. I think that I would recommend Teikametrics to anyone that's an FBA seller. It's a really crucial piece of what you need to do and it's a reasonable price and there's great people behind it.


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