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Read how Paula Rand increased sales and profits using Sponsored Products Optimizer and Insite for FBA.

Customer since October 2016

Interview with Paula Rand Teikametrics seller

Paula originally came to Teikametrics to help with forecasting, repricing, and inventory management. As Amazon Sponsored Products started to gain traction, she looked to Teikametrics’ experts to help manage her Sponsored Products campaigns. Since October of 2016 Paula has seen double digit growth in profits. Read her testimonial below to learn about her experience with Teikametrics.

What have you noticed with your business since joining Teikametrics?

First, the amount of time, number one, that it saves us, and number two, we have a really tight control on our ACoS that for us, we need to be 15% or low because we don't have huge profit margins. We're talking like 6 dollars per sale for us. So keep making sure that we have a streamlined system to easily be able to manage and look at what our day-to-day, year-to-date, month-to-date ACoS is and making sure it's being kept under that is huge, because I think right now, we're at like 11%.

“It took a lot of guesswork and a lot of hours trying to pull data. It took all of that out of it.”

To add to that is that by using Teikametrics, we've really been able to eliminate a lot of the keywords that weren’t producing results. That was very hard for us to see without the type of data Teikametrics was able to provide. We've been able to use the money that we are spending on advertising much more effectively now. It took time and it definitely wasn't an overnight thing, but as Meghan's worked with us and we had other great people working with us, we got there. That is one of the biggest things that we'd love to promote and talk about is that, how that money is being spent is being spent much more wisely.

How has using Insite for FBA helped you grow your business?

Insite for FBA always helps us forecast out. That was one of our biggest issues. We were constantly running out of things on Amazon and either we were sending in way too much or we were sending in not enough and we were running out.

We've also been able to really dive into categories and allowed us really divide up our data into a lot of different data points that we weren't able to do before. We can analyze different product lines within our brand, and to really see where our best revenue sources were, where are we making the most money? So we've been able to expand upon those lines, and those things that weren't working have come up to the front, and we've been able to eliminate them easily. The simple “FBA overview” screen alone really gives us a lot better data to the health of our business and where we are moving.

Paula manufactures all of her products in-house. This affords larger margins from top to bottom.

How has Meghan, your success representative, helped you with your business?

It's been great. It was a little rocky in the beginning and the only reason I say rocky, it's like bringing on a new staff member essentially. That's what it is. Because you've got to teach somebody basically your product line. Even though it's all data-driven, if Meghan didn't understand who we are as a brand and what we're trying to accomplish, it wouldn't work. The things that we enjoyed was that she took a lot of time, and the whole process at the beginning, I think it was like a series of four to six phone calls, making sure that we were set up properly and all that. I think she really took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish. She also consistently follow-uped, which is rare these days!

What differentiates Teikametrics from the competition?

“Even though we have other systems, there's no data that compares to Teikametrics.”

We are a brand now, but as these last couple of years have gone, we have gone out of wholesale into truly having our own brand, our own private label manufacturing. Teikametrics, one of the few times I've used some of the repricer, it is so much easier and there's so much more data than just the repricer. Other competitors have their perks, but they don't give you enough data to know what you're doing. Like, "Oh, wait wait. I'm spending on ads, too. Where is that coming out of the bottom line?" All of those type of metrics, really, what is our gross adjusted margin? Versus, "Oh, well here's your ROI." Well, that doesn't really tell you the whole story.

In and out of stock ratios. Being able to adjust each product line or product to have different amount of time for production, instead of just trying to use blanket numbers. Those type of things were huge and one of the main reasons we chose Teikametrics. Even though we have other systems, there's no data that compares, there's forecasting, and it gets smarter as we go. You can make adjustments. You can say, "No, I want to look at 90 days, I want to look at 60 days, I want to look at 30 days." The competitors don't do that.


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