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Expert Campaign Launch

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Starting at $250
(for less than 300 SKUs)
Pricing varies per SKU

What is Expert Campaign Launch?

Expert Launch is a chance for you to use our expertise. Our team can create campaigns for you that make it simple to optimize for performance and ease campaign management. We will work with you to create the best campaign structure for your catalog and, best of all, teach you how to do it!

Why you need Expert Launch

Sellers who see the most success with Teikametrics Flywheel (and Sponsored Products in general) have campaigns structured according to our best practices. The easiest—and best—way to make sure they are done right is to hire a professional.

  • Save time and take the intimidation out of campaign creation

  • Our experts will not only create optimal campaigns, but also show you best practices around setting up and using Teikametrics Flywheel

What to expect with expert campaign launch

Grant Seller Central access to our experts Allowing for navigation into Campaign Manager and Advertising reports

Discovery call and info gathering Discussing your business goals and getting access to key data points

Campaign build Providing you with the correct campaign structure for success

Coaching call Expert training in Teikametrics Flywheel to make informed business decisions for your Amazon ads

Two Week Follow Up Call Check in with your Teikametrics expert to review your performance

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