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SPO Managed Service

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Starting at $1,800/month*
+ one-time fee
*3 months required up front. Pricing varies per SKU count, ad spend and business needs.

We understand how busy the life of a seller can be. There just isn’t time to give your Sponsored Products campaigns the attention they need. Let Teikametrics experts do the work for you. We’ll use the Sponsored Products Optimizer to align bid automation and keyword discovery to match your Amazon business goals and report on the key performance metrics that matter most.

Why SPO managed?

Teikametrics SPO managed service is the perfect option for those looking to combine powerful algorithms with expert campaign management. With SPO managed services our experts will:

  • Save you hours of time a week

  • Continually create and manage campaigns as you add new products and change your goals

  • Daily bid adjustments to meet your unique business objectives

  • Work with you to establish the best strategy to accomplish your business goals and objectives

  • Add high performing keywords and remove underperforming keywords to optimize spend

  • Provide regular reporting for insights into performance

  • Alert you to any campaigns or products that require external intervention

What to expect with our SPO managed service

Named Account Manager Our experts will partner with you to learn about your business and goal so they are empowered to take actions on your behalf. They will also be available to review performance and discuss strategy.

Campaign Creation and Keyword Actions Whether your campaigns need to be built from scratch or your existing campaigns need an audit, our experts will craft the ideal campaign structure. They will also execute weekly negative, auto-to-manual and targeting improvement keyword actions to make sure your Sponsored Products advertising is efficient and performing according to objectives.

Scheduled Check-in Calls You will have full transparency into actions taken in your account both within the software and through a regular cadence of calls. These calls will allow you to review performance and collaborate on strategy.

Custom Reporting Along with an overview of your overall business, our experts will highlight those areas that are seeing the best performance and those areas that could use improvement, including what strategies to implement next.


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