Today, investing in advertising is part of the cost of doing business, but if performance takes a while to materialize, it could put you in a hole that’s difficult to dig out of. Many small businesses come to Teikametrics to solve this exact problem – to improve their ads performance as they begin ramping up their spend on Amazon ads.

Value of the Teikametrics bidder for small businesses

A new analysis shows why more and more brands are moving towards Teikametrics and our advanced bidding engine. Teikametrics’ software helps the vast majority of sellers drive dramatically more revenue in a matter of months, even if their advertising activity prior to coming to Teikametrics was low or non-existent.

Hundreds of sellers signed up for Teikametrics last year having spent $315 or less on advertising in the prior 60 days.

Just 60 days after turning on Teikametrics and our bidding technology, those same sellers experienced median sales jumps of more than 24X from the previous period.

For smaller sellers, this analysis shows how Teikametrics software can put you in the best position to scale your advertising on Amazon, and improve sales dramatically, without sacrificing time or efficiency. Even if you are new to advertising on Amazon, our software and bidding technology can help take you to the next level, and make the most out of your investment.


This analysis is restricted to 350 Amazon sellers using Teikametrics for the first time in 2020. The data examined spans both the 60 days prior to using Teikametrics, along with the first 60 days using the platform and associated bidder. For ease of comparison, sellers were grouped according to their pre-Teikametrics advertising spend amounts. See the companion study for data on larger brands.