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Your Walmart & Amazon Advertising. Optimized.

Everything needed to accelerate your growth on Amazon and

AI-powered Flywheel Technology

Stay ahead of the competition. Compete at the highest (and fastest) level possible with our proprietary, goal-based artificial intelligence algorithms.

Advertising Management

Let us do the heavy lifting with day-to-day advertising management. We’ll ensure your ads are always working towards your overall business goals, 24/7, day and night.

Marketplace Expertise

Our team lives and breathes the marketplaces you’re selling on. We’ll ensure you’re capturing every opportunity for growth on Amazon &

Real customer performance

Our results are what make customers for life

Customer Case Study
Customer Case Study

NutriBullet grows sales by +24.9% while reducing ad spend and ACOS

NutriBullet enlists Teikametrics technology & AI-enabled analysts to prove incremental lift & increase Amazon sales


How often will I be speaking with my Account Manager?

Calls with your Account Manager depend directly on your level of services. With Ad Management you’ll speak once a month and receive weekly check-in emails.

Can I still execute changes on my account if need be?

We recommend that you allow your Account Manager (AM) to take action within your account on your behalf according to the Teikametrics Methodology. This allows your AM to have a more complete understanding of your performance. For example, if you were to add new keywords in Seller/Vendor Central that did not adhere to the keyword thresholds your AM abides by, there could be an unexpected drop in performance. If you wish to take action please discuss with your AM and they can work with you to determine the best course of action.

What type of reporting will I receive?

With Ad Management you’ll receive standard weekly reports via email from your Account Manager. You will also have access to the Flywheel platform, which allows you to login and review or export reports on-demand.

Everybody claims to use data-science for bidding. What makes your technology different?

Built by PhD-level mathematicians and Data Scientists,  our algorithm for bidding on keywords at Teikametrics works to maximize the profitability of the seller. The algorithm manages the cost of discovering the correct value and then bids that value for you automatically. This starts by predicting what the value of a click will be. 

The fact is, technology is only as powerful as the data data that flows through it. At Teikametrics, our technology manages over $400 million in ad spend and over $7 billion in GMV. Our data pipeline allows us to automatically make decisions on millions of keywords, multiple times a day – always ensuring that you are competing in the auction with the most recent data and information. With our deep statistical rigor and customizations tailored to meet your business’ needs, the result is Teikametrics Bidding Technology doing the hard work to keep you competitive and building market share even in the face of intensifying competition and market uncertainty.

Why is it important to consider profitability, inventory and product lifecycles when it comes to advertising?

Advertising should not operate in a silo. It’s important to understand other key aspects of your business to ensure that your advertising strategy is aligned to achieve your business objectives. For example, knowing your gross margin allows you to understand at which point advertising is profitable. Considering whether your product is brand new to market vs. already established allows you to determine whether your goal should be to optimize for profitability rather than to maximize sales, or anywhere in between. It’s also important to understand your inventory levels to ensure you never stock out and when it’s important to scale up advertising to drive sell-through for excess inventory.

When is it appropriate to have Teikametrics manage my advertising for me?

Advertising is complex. It takes a lot of experience to understand important context such as your goals, the competitive landscape as well as keep up with the ever-changing tools of Amazon and Walmart. This must then be translated into an advertising strategy that balances both individual product goals as well as business objectives. If you want to save time, increase performance and scale faster, let our experts do the work.

What experience does my analyst have?

Our Analysts are advertising specialists vs generalists. Our Analysts have years of direct experience in advertising, ecommerce and marketplaces. They go through a rigorous interview process which includes quantitative, analytical and logical reasoning assessments. They are required to participate in ongoing education including Amazon search/display advertising certification, data science training and access to Teika research. They are incentivized on both their client performance and retention to ensure they goals are aligned with yours.

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