Our mission is to maximize potential

We’re not just helping our customers maximize their potential building ecommerce businesses, we’re creating an environment where everyone at Teikametrics has what they need to unlock their potential and be their best selves.

Our customers come first

We’re obsessed with our customers

Our customers’ goals are our goals, and we are passionate about making all our customers successful. Many of our team members have either worked for or run ecommerce businesses so when we say we walk in our customers’ shoes, we really have.

The entrepreneurial spirit drives us

We’re bringing the best to work every day

Whether it’s from our living rooms or the board room, we strive to bring our best selves to work. That means investing in our team members, giving everyone the opportunity to learn, contribute, and make an impact.

Our people make all the difference

Read why our amazingly talented team loves working at Teikametrics.

Felita Go
Felita Go
3:19 PM
As a team, we get together not just for work but also to build relationships and have fun.
Sarah Hoffman
Sarah Hoffman
Working at Teikametrics is both challenging and incredibly supportive.
Pat McDonough
Pat McDonough
12:49 PM
I love the collaborative aspect between myself and my clients.
7:23 AM
I love the dynamics and fun I have between teammates and across teams.
Bill Huertas
Bill Huertas
4:50 PM
I love Teikametrics dedication to helping customers through data and real marketplace expertise.
Harsh Choithramani
Harsh Choithramani
11:03 AM
It’s a culture that promotes all-in effort, owning up to your mistakes, and resilience.
Megha Hegde
Megha Hegde
12:01 AM
The thing I love most working at Teikametrics is the amazing people around me. Everyone are so welcoming, supportive and encouraging.
Mike Reiss
Mike Reiss
4:18 PM
Everyone shares the same vision and is passionate about their work. This has helped build a supportive environment where everybody is always looking out for one another.
Liz Fickenscher
Liz Fickenscher
13:37 PM
I never stop being surprised and delighted at the culture at Teikametrics.
Dan Serignese
Dan Serignese
8:25 AM
It’s been an unbelievable experience witnessing the evolution of Teikametrics over the past four years.
Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron
2:54 PM
What excites me most is that what we do is a team effort, in the truest sense of the word.
Jon Thanas
Jon Thanas
3:11 PM
What excites me about working at Teikametrics is the opportunity to be a part of its growth into a tech giant in the ecommerce space.
We take care of our people

Benefits of becoming part of Team Teika

Flexible work schedule

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, work when you’re most productive and effective.

Remote-first hiring

As a global team across time zones and countries, we believe in hiring based on talent not location.

Health, dental, vision & life insurance

With generous benefits you can rest assured your health is taken care of.

Unlimited paid vacation

Take time off when you need it most. We believe quality downtime is essential to performing your best.

Culture Committee

Enjoy life at work with monthly events aimed at having fun, meeting the team, and kicking back.

3-month Paid Parental Leave

Family always comes first. We offer industry-leading, fully paid parental leave.

Work from home stipend

During these unprecedented times, we’ll ensure you have what you need to succeed wherever you are.

Thrive @ Teika

Join a diverse group of individuals who are on a mission to build a world of diversity and inclusivity.

Equity is a requirement for success

We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital to building a successful business and a better world.

At Teikametrics, we are building a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than corporate initiatives; they are the lifeblood of our company. We believe all voices should be heard, whether they emanate from Bengaluru, Seattle, Hong Kong, Boston, or Boise. High performance must be measured consistently and integrated with our values to realize this fully. And, we believe everyone deserves access to the tools they need to succeed. When we move on this journey together, we thrive together.
Marian Spurrier, Chief People Officer

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