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The ad management our trusted partners need to drive results for sellers and brands

AI-powered Flywheel Technology

Stay ahead of the competition. Compete at the highest (and fastest) level possible with our proprietary, goal-based artificial intelligence algorithms.

Business Development Support

Our dedicated agency team will support your new business pitches with custom advertising strategy audits to help drive new business for your agency.

Marketplace Expertise

Teikametrics lives and breathes the marketplaces brands are selling on. We’ll ensure you’re capturing every opportunity for growth on Amazon & Walmart.

“A core focus of ours at Code3 is continued innovation and that means partnering with industry leading technology providers. Every year we have a task force that evaluates the solutions in market and tests them regularly. This year our testing lined up with Teikametrics’ exploring an agency program, it was perfect timing for us. Teikametric’s commitment to advancing their platform and focusing on what matters to our clients and the changes we’re seeing across platforms, aligns directly with our efforts to bring our clients world class strategy and service. We feel that our partnership with Teikametrics will allow us to advance our approach to winning in retail media and have us out front in terms of our use of technology.”

Grey Wolny

Chief Activation Officer
Flywheel Technology

Our data scale powers your success

Our immense data scale feeds our machine learning and algorithms, so you can rest assured that every decision our AI makes is a smart one.

Annual ad spend optimized
Total annual sales optimize
Monthly bid changes executed
Keyword targets optimized

* Data analysis between 11/1/2019 – 11/1/2020

Our unique playbook to deliver unbeatable results for leading brands

Everything included in standard Ad Management, plus:
Product First Campaign Creation

Build campaigns around individual SKU goals. Whether launching a new product or growing mature products, find the campaign strategy to meet your goals.

New Customer Acquisition

Custom campaign structures built to target brand, competitor, and generic keywords to keep existing customers and acquire new ones.

Algorithmic Keyword Bidding

Teikametrics best-in-class AI models leverage product lifecycle, conversion rates, sales, and price changes to set the perfect bid, day and night.

Keyword Recommendations

Using custom thresholds, we’ll add new, high-potential keywords while removing underperformers, so you’re always capturing market share and reducing inefficiencies.

Business Performance Insights

Flywheel’s BI Catalog equips agencies with powerful Amazon and Walmart-specific reports. Access Amazon Benchmark, Amazon Hourly Performance, Keywords & Targets reports, Campaign Data, and more. Make informed decisions, optimize advertising strategy, and stay ahead of the competition.

Create Keywords On-Demand

Agencies can proactively add their own Keywords and Negative Keywords directly through Flywheel to help input their own discovery/knowledge of their products. Have the option to utilize Chat GPT to surface Keywords without having to wait for conversions

We’ve built the playbook for success on Amazon, Walmart, and beyond.

With Agency Edition, agencies can organize their advertising optimization and inventory experience for their sellers the same way they organize their business: by client.

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