Recently, Teikametrics had the pleasure of attending Prosper Show 2019 in Las Vegas. We brought a team spanning members from Customer Success, Product, Design, Sales, Partnerships, and Development to Prosper, all to help sellers navigate the Amazon playbook.

Couldn’t make it to Prosper this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our biggest teika-ways and trending topics from the show. We’re talking growth, scaling your business profitably, and all things Amazon.

Automation is Key

It’s clear that when an Amazon business reaches a certain size, automated solutions are needed to run profitably. This year we saw a focus on automation, not only from the vendors in their booths but in various talks as well. The most sophisticated Amazon businesses have found tools to help automate and optimize in the important areas of their business.

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Automation Every Seller Should Know About

Speaking of automation-

The secret is out! We have released dynamic bid optimization.

The Flywheel Dynamic Bid Optimization examines each ad target you have (keyword, PAT, etc.)  and evaluates whether it has the best bid, multiple times a day. Each evaluation uses more computing power than the Apollo Mission and nearly as much math, to find the optimal bid for that target by taking into account your true margins for a sale and the likelihood of the buyer purchasing if they click. Find out more here.

Everyone is Still Figuring Out Product Launches

Sellers are still looking to perfect the science of the new product launch. We talked to so many sellers on this topic. What % of my sales should come from ads during launch? How long should a launch period be? What should my ACoS be during launch? These are just some of the questions we heard and discussed.

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Advanced Techniques Launching A New Product Using Amazon Advertising

Speaking of product launches-

Our Chief Technology Officer, Aatish Salvi, had the honor of presenting as a speaker at Prosper Show. His talk, titled Advanced Techniques Launching A New Product Using Amazon Advertising, walked attendees through how to effectively structure a campaign for success and how to leverage those campaigns through advanced strategies such as PAT Campaign targeting and our unparalleled dynamic bidding.

He advised targeting not only the ASINS of your direct competitors or larger brands on Amazon through PAT Campaigns; compete with weaker brands and listings too. This way, you’ll cover all of your bases for a product launch and maximize your advertising efforts across the board as your listing now hits both ends of the spectrum.

PAT Campaigns Are HOT

PAT campaigns stirred up a lot of buzz among Prosper attendees. Many sellers popped into our booth to ask questions on this new type of campaign targeting. Though they aren’t exactly brand new, it’s clear that PAT campaigns are still unknown or unfamiliar to most, so we’d suggest trying them out now while clicks are cheapest.

PAT Campaigns are a great way to directly target competitors and gain both brand awareness and exposure to your product. Looking to get the most out of your product launch? Use PAT Campaigns to quickly generate impressions.

Looking to learn more about PAT Campaigns?

Find out all about them here.

How Advertising Leads to Profitable Growth

This year’s keynote was focused on the topic of advertising, which shows how big of a topic this is. With Amazon putting a heavy focus on its advertising business, sellers need to be doing this as well.

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