Prime Day is on the horizon! This is a critical opportunity for e-commerce brands to increase sales and attract new customers. During intense competition and a rapidly evolving marketplace, leveraging data-driven insights becomes indispensable for success.

Introducing Teikametrics Business Intelligence Reports + Human Expertise

At Teikametrics, we offer more than just reports; we provide a team of seasoned data analysts—the human-in-the-loop—who collaborate closely with our powerful AI. This unique combination doesn’t just deliver raw data; it curates actionable insights, translates complex metrics into strategic recommendations, and empowers you to make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

Prime Day Success: Tailored Business Intelligence Reports

Here are six essential reports our Managed Services team utilizes to craft your personalized Prime Day strategy:

  1. Campaign Performance Report: Gain real-time insights into campaign effectiveness and optimize budget allocation for peak ROI during Prime Day.
  2. Product Performance Report: Identify top sellers and strategize promotional efforts to maximize sales during the event.
  3. Search Placement Report: Secure effective ad placements to ensure optimal visibility among your target audience.
  4. Keyword and Target Performance Report: Refine keyword strategies to enhance search relevance and effectiveness, driving higher conversions.
  5. Search Advertising Performance Report: Assess overall ad effectiveness and pinpoint areas for improvement to maximize engagement and conversions.
  6. Amazon Hourly Search Ad Performance Report: Use granular, hourly data to align ad strategies with peak shopping times and maximize impact during the sales rush.

Beyond Prime Day: A Foundation for Long-Term Success

Our partnership doesn’t end with Prime Day. Teikametrics Managed Services offers ongoing support, empowering you to make data-driven decisions year-round. With our human expertise guiding your strategies, you’ll excel during Prime Day and continuously enhance operations and customer satisfaction for sustained success.

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