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Revised and Updated for 2021

You’ve decided that your brand is ready to make the leap and start selling on Or maybe you’re a bit beyond ready and you’ve already gotten started.

But there’s a lot to learn. Many details go into running a successful marketplace business on Walmart, and those details don’t always call for the same tactics as other platforms. 

To help, we pulled together a list of some of the best and most useful resources to get your business onto Walmart’s marketplace, along with tools to help optimize your operations. 

To make it even easier, we’ve broken the list into seven segments:

  1. Signing up to sell on Walmart
  2. Common setup questions 
  3. Walmart programs
  4. Walmart tools
  5. Ways to garner reviews 
  6. Options to handle order fulfillment
  7. Resources to optimize your advertising 

We’ve included links to our free ebooks that cover why selling on Walmart is a great business decision, how to get started, and our own advertising strategies. If all this is new to you, you might want to download the Getting Started ebook and start there.

Without further ado, here are the top 22 links, resources, and programs you need to know to supercharge your business. 

Signing Up To Sell On Walmart

  1. Walmart Seller Application

The first thing you need to do to start selling on Walmart is to start an application. Use this link to get your application submitted. It won’t be saved if you need to take a break, so gather the information you need before you get started — you’ll need details about your U.S. business tax ID, chosen method of integration with Walmart, and your product catalog.

  1. Shopify

If you’re already using Shopify for your ecommerce business, you can make use of Walmart’s integration with Shopify to streamline the setup process. Add the Walmart marketplace as a channel on Shopify and you’ll be able to sync data between your D2C site and Walmart.

  1. BigCommerce

Likewise, if you sell through BigCommerce you can connect your BigCommerce account to Walmart Marketplace within Channel Manager and from there apply to be a Walmart Marketplace seller. Sellers who connect to Walmart through BigCommerce also gain access to a network of partners including Teikametrics.

  1. Walmart Marketplace Quickstart Guides

There will inevitably be a million small questions as you get everything set up for your Walmart business. These bite-sized guides from Walmart can be helpful to address particular logistical issues as you’re getting started. There are guides on topics ranging from tax configuration, to API integration, to free two-day delivery.

  1. Getting Started On The Walmart Marketplace

If you need a more thorough understanding of how things work on Walmart before you invest time setting up specific solutions, our Getting Started On The Walmart Marketplace ebook will orient you to the scale of the opportunity, what you’ll need to do to start selling there, and how to use ads to achieve profitability.

Common Setup Questions

  1. Walmart Seller Help Guides

The Quickstart Guides are great but sometimes you need a more comprehensive help center. That’s when to turn to Walmart’s more traditional FAQ for sellers, covering the majority of questions a seller might have about Walmart.

  1. Walmart Seller Support

If you can’t find the answers you need in any of the guides, and you have a log-in, you can access Walmart Seller Support for live answers to your unique questions. This handy sheet explains how live chat support works.

  1. SellerHub

SellerHub is Walmart’s new learning portal within Seller Center. It’s a one-stop shop for multiple forms of information, including Quickstart guides, videos, and newsletters. Again, you need a log-in to access this resource.

Walmart Programs

  1. Walmart Marketplace Programs

Walmart offers several valuable programs that can make the difference between business as usual and growing your business. Get detailed information here about Walmart Fulfillment Services, Free TwoDay Delivery, and Walmart Sponsored Products. 

  1. Walmart+

Walmart’s new customer loyalty program, which has often been compared to Amazon Prime, offers shoppers free shipping, discount fuel prices, and in-store scan and checkout for contactless shopping.  

  1. Walmart Pick Up and Delivery

Walmart offers curbside pickup and delivery from the shopper’s local Walmart store for groceries and other in-store items. The Pick Up & Delivery program is only available to 1P vendors.

  1. Walmart Pro Seller Badge

The Pro Seller Badge is awarded by Walmart to indicate quality products and service in order to boost customer confidence in purchasing. To earn the badge sellers must hit a predefined set of performance criteria.

  1. Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Walmart marketplace sellers can apply for a line of credit from Marcus by Goldman Sachs to enable pursuit of opportunities like acquiring inventory or boosting investment in advertising.

  1. Expedited Shipping

Shoppers expect fast delivery of their online purchases, which means that fast delivery tags increase conversions. Walmart offers a suite of expedited shipping options, from seller-fulfiilled expedited delivery to fulfillment services to ensure fast delivery.

  1. Walmart Money Center

The Walmart Money Center offers an array of financial services, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and much more.

  1. Walmart Rewards Card

The Walmart Rewards Card is a credit card from Capital One that gives shoppers 5% cash back on purchases and 2% cash back on in-store Walmart purchases.

  1. Walmart Pay

Shoppers can securely pay in-store at Walmart with Walmart Pay within the Walmart app on their phones. Walmart Pay stores payment card information wtihin the app and payment is made when a shoppers uses the app to scan a QR code at checkout.

  1. Other Services

Find a complete list of Walmart services including many more than those listed above. Categories include payment methods, product warranties, gift registries, health services, and much more

  1. Walmart Solution Providers

Walmart helps you find preferred solution providers for all your business needs, including inventory management, order management, shipping & fulfillment, payments, and ad optimization. Jump directly to Full-Service Solution Providers, Speciality Solutions Providers, or Content Solution Providers. 

Walmart Marketplace Tools

  1. Listing Quality Dashboard

Once you’re up and running, you’ll need to ensure that your Walmart listings are as impactful and compelling as they can be. Use the Listing Quality Dashboard within Seller Center to identify opportunities to optimize various aspects of product listings, including pricing, shipping, and customer service.

21.Item Spec 4.0

The Item Spec 4.0 tool streamlines set-up of items for discoverability and conversion. Use it also to maintain items to ensure high listing quality and appropriate categorization.

  1. Shipping Templates

Use Walmart Shipping Templates to optimize your Walmart shipping settings and increase conversions. Shipping Templates enable you to customize based on fulfillment network, shipping carriers, and more, making it easier to participate in fast shipping programs.

Ways To Garner Reviews

  1. Bazaarvoice

Investing in reviews influences sales performance and is a prerequisite for advertising success. Use Bazaarvoice’s Spark Review program to collect customer reviews and display them on your Walmart product listings. 

  1. PowerReviews

Another option to harness the value of user-generated content across social platforms and marketplaces, including Walmart, is PowerReviews.

  1. Home Tester Club

A third approach to review generation is Home Tester Club. We’re including multiple partners for review generation in this list, because reviews are so important to success on Walmart, and we want you to be able to select the partner that’s right for your business. 

  1. Review Syndication

If you’re already collecting reviews via another platform, you can apply to syndicate your reviews to Walmart and make use of the work you’ve already done with review solution providers like BazaarVoice or Power Reviews.

Options To Handle Order Fulfillment

  1. Expedited Shipping 

In today’s world, shoppers expect to receive their purchases quickly and will use shipping times as a decision factor. You can utilize fast delivery tags to improve your business performance and identify the best fulfillment partners to work with. Understand Walmart’s offerings at this link.

  1. Walmart Fulfillment Services

As one strategy for order fulfillment, consider working with Walmart Fulfillment Services to complete your buyers’ orders, if you qualify.

  1. Deliverr

Another great option to consider to help you get that expedited shipping is Deliverr, because Walmart Fulfillment Services isn’t available to all Walmart sellers. They’re a multichannel solution across Amazon, Walmart, and other sites so they can be especially helpful if you need to fulfill across marketplaces.

Advertising Optimization

  1. Walmart Connect

Walmart Connect (previously known as Walmart Media Group) offers search and display solutions with rich data and an adtech platform to help customers discover your products throughout Walmart’s omnichannel system. 

  1. Walmart Sponsored Products

Great products, with listings that make them shine, are a must. But that’s not enough if customers can’t find the products themselves, and that’s where advertising comes in. When you’re ready to start advertising your products on Walmart, here’s where to sign up for the Sponsored Products program.

  1. The 2021 Definitive Guide To Walmart Advertising.

Download the free ebook that teaches you how to supercharge your Walmart business with the right advertising strategy.

  1. Teikametrics

You need to advertise on Walmart, but you want to do it efficiently, making sure you’re putting every advertising dollar toward the right keywords for the right products. At Teikametrics, we’ve got deep expertise optimizing ads across marketplaces and we’re thrilled to be one of’s first ads API partners. Work with us to optimize your ads on and achieve your business goals.

Good luck with your business! We think it’s a fantastic opportunity and we’re excited to see how your business grows. We’re here rooting for you all the way.