In March of this year, many folks in the ecommerce industry traveled to Las Vegas for the annual Prosper Show, an in-person conference established for Amazon sellers. The Prosper Show is the go-to, in-person conference for those in the Amazon industry. On the expo floor is where you will find hundreds of sellers and service providers alike. 

The Prosper Show is our favorite time to meet with sellers and brands in-person to better understand their experiences and pain points when it comes to selling on Amazon. 2022 was no exception, we set up shop at the front of the expo floor and had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of sellers and brands just like you. 

This year, we hosted various live interviews directly from our booth on the floor of The Prosper Show 2022. These interviews brought together industry experts to understand their journey, tips, and thoughts on the current state of the industry.

Cameron Yoder, Senior Manager of Content and Community at Teikametrics, sat down with Jason Boyce, CEO and Founder of Avenue7Media. Their discussion surrounded Jason’s journey from Amazon seller to service provider and his top tips for succeeding in the industry. In this blog post, we will dive into the conversation between Cameron and Jason. 

Prefer to watch the interview? Check out the full video below 

Introduction to Avenue7Media 

Jason Boyce started in the Amazon ecosystem back in 2002 as a seller of basketball hoops. Following an exit and the publication of his book, The Amazon Jungle, he began consulting and saw a need in the space for more and built Avenue7Media. Now, as the CEO and Founder of Avenue7Media, Jason serves as a consultant to many Amazon sellers. In the past years, Jason has established himself as an expert in the industry, we have even had him on our webinars in the past! Check those out here.

Recently, Avenue7Media has made some headlines over the acquisitions of Marketplace Seller Courses, Volitant Consulting, and Cascadia Solutions. These acquisitions help move them along the path of becoming the best Amazon full-provider in the industry. Some of the introductions for these acquisitions were actually made in the Teikametrics office during our Seller Velocity conference last year! Learn more on their website. 

The Journey from Seller to Provider 

Jason’s journey as a seller began following his career in the Marine Corps. His brother reached out to him with the idea to start a website called The relationship they had with a group of people at Overture, who invented pay-per-click advertising, is what really launched the brand forward. 

In 2003, they got the call from Amazon. The call came with an invitation to sell their sporting goods on Amazon. After accepting the offer to sell on the then tiny Amazon marketplace, Super Duper Hoops saw their profits double every year because Amazon was bringing the traffic in. 

Jason and his brother built the business for 17 years, boasting a seller rank in the top 200.

The Future Path for Amazon Sellers  

What is it going to take to stay on top? According to Jason, it all starts with a mindset. One of Jason’s biggest insights into the industry is how sellers are moving to become more brand-focused rather than Amazon-only sellers. It used to be sellers who were solely focused on Amazon as a platform to sell their products. They were Amazon-first and Amazon-only, how that has changed today! 

Many sellers now see themselves as a brand first and foremost. Taking the brand that has been built and the lessons learned to expand their catalogue to additional ecommerce platforms and brick-and-mortar retail stores. Establishing yourself as a brand first allows you to take those lessons learned and apply them beyond. 

We are in a brand owner’s game now. It has never been easier to build a brand. We are in the age of the micro-brand which, according to Jason, is great for society and ecommerce. Jason predicts that the next billion-dollar brands will start on Amazon, fine-tune and perfect themselves on the platform, then move in front of every other customer on Shopify, Walmart, etc. 

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