If 2023 showed us anything, Amazon and Walmart will be critical for your success in 2024. Walmart has spent the last few years attempting to translate its brick-and-mortar reputation to carve out a niche in ecommerce. And they’ve succeeded.

In our 2024 benchmark report, we review the performance of these ecommerce giants and see how Amazon and Walmart affected each other and what that means for you in 2024.

Essential data from the report includes:

  • Amazon’s highest CPC (cost-per-click) was $0.82, the average decreasing 2% YoY.
  • Walmart CPCs climbed to $0.54, a whopping 28% increase YoY compared to 2022.
  • Average Order Values showcased that both platforms offer high value for sellers. Amazon kept consistent around $32, while Walmart fluctuated, reaching a high of $21 in November.
  • Amazon and Walmart are strong contenders for growth in 2024, depending on your strategies for either marketplace.