In our 2024 benchmark report, we review the effects of Walmart’s rise to its current role as a competitor to Amazon and valuable ecommerce platform in and of itself. This includes the advantages and drawbacks of these efforts and what that means for you in 2024.

Whether you’re dipping into the ecommerce waters or are a bona fide industry expert, we have vital data points, takeaways, and information from 2022 and 2023 to help you succeed on Walmart in 2024.

Essential data from the report includes:

  • Walmart Connect’s CPCs climbed to $0.54, a whopping 37% increase YoY compared to 2022.
  • Average Order Values showcased that both platforms offer high value for sellers. Walmart Connect fluctuated, reaching a high of $21 in November.
  • Walmart remains a strong contender for growth in 2024, depending on your strategies.