It’s 2019 and Amazon, the most disruptive force in retail today, has experienced massive growth over the past decade. 

This growth has caused a fundamental change in how the retail economy functions.

We created this report to give you an inside look at how to succeed in selling on Amazon using little-known best practices and tips. 

In this ebook, we cover all these selling on Amazon topics:

  • Reasons why Amazon should be treated differently than just another e-commerce channel
  • Amazon business models and how to protect your brand
  • Pricing strategies, how to control the channel and measure performance
  • Strategies for ranking organically with your product listings
  • Advanced advertising strategies and reasons why advertising on Amazon is not optional in 2019
  • How to take advantage of the “flywheel effect” on Amazon
  • Strategies to succeed with managing inventory and customer reviews
  • Insight into future trends on Amazon

Whether you’re a veteran of Sponsored Products (or you’re just starting to learn the ropes), this ebook will help you understand the reasons behind ecommerce success, beginning with an alignment between inventory management, pricing, and advertising.

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