In this ebook, Ryan Goldstein tells the story of his early days as a first-time ecommerce entrepreneur. Ryan left his full-time job and launched his brand Air Vinyl.

As you read, you’ll see Ryan gives us an inside look at how he got the idea for his first product and made his first sale.

You’ll want to read how he openly shares mistakes he made. He also shares how he resolved those mistakes as he tested hypotheses about what would make his business idea into a business success. 

What Ryan includes in his first-time ecommerce entrepreneur story

  • Ryan’s self-imposed four-week product launch challenge
  • Advertising channels he tested on a product with zero brand recognition
  • How he used customer feedback to iterate on product design
  • NEW never-before-seen chapter telling the story of how Ryan got started on Amazon

Read Ryan’s ecommerce entrepreneur story and get inspired to star in your own story!