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Launch, grow, and increase the profitability of your products

Teikametrics Flywheel optimizes your Amazon advertising using your organic and ad product data to increase total profitability.

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What is the flywheel effect?

Build unstoppable momentum with the Flywheel Effect

Lower costs lead to improved ads. Improved ads lead to increased sales, reviews/sales rank, more organic traffic, more data and improved flywheel data science.

How does the Teikametrics Flywheel Effect work? It all starts with our next-generation data science algorithms

  • Use sales data to improve your advertising

    We take every data point from your new sales to optimize your Amazon advertising and create momentum for your business.

  • Optimize your ads with Flywheel data science

    Using next-gen machine learning the Flywheel algorithm optimizes ads to lower costs and improve conversion.

  • Increase sales, reviews, and organic traffic

    Find more buyers for your products through increased reviews, sales rank, and organic traffic.

24/7 automation & bid adjustments

Working while you're away

With our continuous, automated Amazon advertising optimization you’re always grabbing new sales, new reviews, and higher sales rank, even when you’re away.

  • 24/7 keyword bid automation
  • Always on keyword discovery
  • Proactive campaign performance alerts
Flywheel bid automation works while you're away.
Our results speak for themselves

Real sellers. Real results.

Power Practical

Total revenue increased
by 10.13% over 6 months.


Ad revenue increased
by 50.66% in May 2018

Green Gobbler

Total ad revenue increased
by 47.29% over 6 months

Tipsy Elves

Clicks increased by
49.45% in one month

Teikametrics brings me the insights I need, when I need them.
Total Product Performance

Analyze your true product-level profitability

Finally – see the full picture of your Amazon business. Flywheel makes sure every relevant piece of data impacting your bottom line is accounted for (even your advertising data).

Break down your product performance by organic and ad revenue product data
Profitability above all else

Your bottom line.
Always top of mind.

The top minds in ecommerce

machine learning
and econometrics.

Our team of award-winning data scientists have a diverse background in both machine learning and econometrics. With this experience and expertise, our bidding and keyword algorithms are unmatched in the industry.

meet our scientists
Professor Stefan Hoderlein Professor Stefan Hoderlein
Dr. Michael Cannamela Dr. Michael Cannamela
Professor Jerry Hausman Professor Jerry Hausman
Chase Stevens Chase Stevens
Michael Reiss Michael Reiss

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