Ecommerce newsletters offer an amazing wealth of information and they generally come at no cost to you. We read a lot of them and we think you should too.

Newsletters Are Hot

Newsletters are hot now. It makes perfect sense. You can get your favorite source of news, advice, or commentary right in your inbox so you know exactly when it’s fresh and you’re always in the know. 

Plus, you don’t have to rely on big publications to be the only source of truth. Anybody with an internet connection can start a newsletter, and if they have something worth reading, it’ll get read. So a lot of people are writing great newsletters.

Newsletters – or at least the ones we’re talking about here – are free to subscribe to. That means it doesn’t cost you a thing to subscribe and ensure you won’t miss out on opportunities other sellers are taking advantage of. 

Ecommerce Newsletters That We Read

We brainstormed, researched, and shared what we all like to read, and put together this ecommerce newsletter list for you. So you don’t have to go find the newsletters you need. They’re all right here. 

Below you’ll find brief descriptions of 19 newsletters covering ecommerce, digital marketing, marketplaces, and omnichannel selling. 

Introducing the Page One Newsletter

We’re also pumped to announce that we’re joining the newsletter party with our own offering that we think you’ll enjoy. Page One is free and hits your inbox once a week with a timely tidbit of ecommerce knowledge to help you get your products to page one of search. 

We’re betting you’ll look forward to it arriving every week, and we’re hoping you’ll let us know how you use the advice we’re sending in it.   

Top 19 Ecommerce Newsletters You Should Be Reading

Without further ado, here are the top 19 ecommerce newsletters that we read and we think you should too. 

  1. Cruxfinder. This newsletter delivers weekly ecommerce news to your inbox. It features links to articles and trending topics from around the web.
  1. Digital Commerce 360. When you sign up for Digital Commerce 360, choose whether you want retail or B2B news.  
  1. Ecommerce Bytes. Ina Steiner has been publishing Ecommerce Bytes since 1999, so you know she’s seen it all and there’s no corner of ecommerce she’s unaware of. She rounds up news along with user-reported marketplace issues and opinions. 
  1. Ecommerce Insider. At a biweekly cadence, this newsletter takes its time to get to your inbox, but it comes full of juicy ecommerce tips and best practices, making it worth the wait.
  1. Ecommerce Magazine. The wonderful mission of Ecommerce Magazine is “to celebrate the amazing people who are driving the future of commerce and changing the way the world does business.” Subscribe to receive interviews and business advice.
  1. Ecommerce Newsletter. Hendrik Laubscher rounds up and summarizes quite a lot of ecommerce news in this weekly newsletter. It may not be as slick and pretty as some other newsletters, but it makes up for it in the sheer volume of meaningful content.
  1. Ecommerce Nurse. The Ecommerce Nurse team helps sellers succeed on the Amazon platform, with services ranging from listing optimization to store management to strategic consulting. Their newsletter covers those same kinds of topics, from product detail pages to branding and beyond.
  1. Ecommerce Skinny. Get a biweekly roundup of ecommerce trends, news, and advice when you sign up for Ecommerce Skinny. It comes from Springbot, so you’ll also get their product updates included in the newsletter and an emphasis on how to handle ecommerce email.  
  1. FitForCommerce. Fit for Commerce is an ecommerce consultancy founded by Bernardine Wu. The newsletter delivers updates on their new resources like reports and webinars.
  1. Marketing Day. This daily newsletter comes from Marketing Land and gives you news and views across the digital marketing and search engine landscape. We happen to be partial to the Marketing Land columns by Andrew Waber since he’s our Director of Insights.
  1. Morning Brew. This newsletter keeps you up to date with a daily dose of digestible news. They offer a suite of newsletters, so depending on your interest areas, you may also want Emerging Tech Brew, Retail Brew, or Marketing Brew in your inbox.
  1. Multichannel Merchant. The scope of this newsletter is pretty wide. They claim it covers everything “from customer experience, operations, and fulfillment, to shipping and delivery.” They also host a LinkedIn group.
  1. *Page One*. We’re super excited to share the launch of the Page One newsletter. Most ecommerce purchases are made on page one of search results. This newsletter provides weekly advice to help get your products to page one. 

Subscribe to Page One

  1. Practical Ecommerce. Subscribing to the Practical Ecommerce newsletter means signing up to receive links to articles, webinars, and podcasts on a wide range of ecommerce topics. You’ll also get advice and ideas directly in the newsletter itself without having to click any further.
  1. Retail Dive Newsletter. Retail Dive offers a whole family of newsletters, so when you subscribe, decide whether you want the latest on DTC, tech, marketing, and more. You’ll get news from their site as well as curated links of what they’re reading around the web.
  1. Shopify Retail Blog. The best thing about finding the Shopify Retail Blog in your inbox every morning is the inspiring stories of all the different creative ways sellers and brands develop their businesses. The emails also include resources and guidance on all kinds of ecommerce topics. 
  1. Tamebay. The beat for the Tamebay newsletters is all things newsworthy on marketplaces. When you become a member you choose amongst an array of newsletter offerings published on different timelines with different areas of focus, based on the role you occupy in the ecommerce industry.
  1. The Daily Skimm. It’s not really focused on ecommerce, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention The Daily Skimm. Start your morning with quick, easy-to-read summaries of the day’s most important news stories. 
  1. WebRetailer If you subscribe to Web Retailer you’ll receive a mix of news and access to ecommerce books and webinars.

Did we miss anything? Maybe there’s a newer ecommerce newsletter on the scene we haven’t read yet. Or a niche newsletter that helps you keep up with your very particular patch of the ecommerce world. 

We’d love to know what you’re reading! Email me with the link to your favorite newsletter and we may add it to the list.