Just as more and more consumer dollars move to online channels, the period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, or ‘Turkey 5’ as Amazon has dubbed it, has become increasingly associated with a surge in online shopping. But with the top of the Amazon search page having changed into largely a ‘pay to play’ opportunity for sellers, tracking how ad activity changes over this high-traffic period is particularly important to brands who want to stay ahead of their competitors, especially with the holiday shopping season still in high gear.

After examining ad activity across hundreds of thousands of products sold by Teikametrics customers, the bottom line for brands is that some of the most lucrative sales days on Amazon from a conversion rate perspective are actually still on the horizon. Additionally, the increase in overall consumer activity on the site has largely outpaced that of advertisers, keeping CPC increases relatively modest. For your brand to capture this large number of remaining profitable conversions, it’s critical you look into bidding to value based on your desired margins, along with uncapping budgets. Your competitors may have budgeted out over the holiday weekend, lessening the competition for ad space despite historical data showing consumers still flock to Amazon prior to the December 22nd shipping cutoff.

Download our latest report on ‘Turkey 5’ Amazon advertising activity at the link below for more year-over-year data, along with vertical-by-vertical ad spending and CPC breakdowns across an array of major categories on Amazon. Finally, stay tuned for future reports on the holiday season that will touch on purchase and pricing trends.

Happy Holidays!