Online selling is incredibly competitive, and the sellers that excel are the sellers that keep learning. Brands who stay at the forefront of their category achieve this through diligent study and experimentation so they can take informed risks that keep them ahead of their competition. Instead of endlessly scrolling, make your downtime or travel time productive with 5 e-commerce podcasts sellers should know. Each one of these series has valuable data and insights that can help you elevate your e-commerce efforts.

Better Advertising with BTR Media

BTR Media is an Amazon advertising partner focused on improving performance through strategic ad placement. Better Advertising with BTR Media is their podcast featuring Justin Nuckols and Destaney Wishon where they explore beyond Amazon with guests ranging from advertisers to sellers and brands. It’s a great way to brush up on winning strategies for Amazon, Walmart Connect, Instacart, and more.

AM/PM Podcast

Join Kevin King weekly on the AM/PM Podcast if you’re looking for a current yet wider scope of e-commerce and entrepreneurship. This long-running serial has stood the test of time for a reason. King’s ability to gain insightful stories from wildly successful brands and convey the key takeaways can help sellers of all sizes find new ways to look at their successes and challenges and turn them into growth for their business.

Human in the Loop

Welcome to Human in the Loop! Teikametrics’ own show explores the dynamic intersection of human intelligence and cutting-edge technology within the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce. From in-depth discussions on artificial intelligence, to viral brands that launched on TikTok, to the stories behind today’s biggest technology companies, brands, and sellers.

Welcome to the forefront of the ecommerce revolution, where being a Human in the Loop is not just a strategy… But the very essence of progress.

Join Cameron Yoder every other week for spirited, engaged, and actionable discussions with marketplace representatives, viral brands, and industry leaders. This e-commerce podcast for sellers covers the future of innovation, and that technology may not play the biggest part in it. After all, you need the Human in the Loop to run it all.

Serious Sellers Podcast

The Serious Sellers Podcast is Helium 10’s educational, discussion-based serialization focused on providing insider strategies at a digestible pace. With over 500 episodes, information and insight are available to you, no matter what topic you want to explore. From masterclass deep dives to brief news briefs, this is good to keep in your pocket to see if anything piques your interest.

Lunch with Norm

Another 500+ episode podcast, Lunch with Norm is a live interview hosted by Norman Farrar, AKA ”The Beard Guy.” Norm digs into current trends, the latest tips, and advice from experts in the e-commerce, Amazon FBA, and online business world.

Norm focuses the interviews around actions sellers can take from the episode and immediately start using them in their business efforts. There is more value in finding ways to grow smartly and sustainably; get-rich-quick schemes need not apply. Norm understands this and it shows, making this another great show to check out.

We hope this list has helped you discover new e-commerce podcasts that can help grow your business. Now, go get listening!