Are you a seller looking to expand your marketplace reach and tap into the massive Walmart audience? Great choice! However, you may have questions about how to succeed on Walmart Marketplace and how your business can make the most of this high-growth platform.

  • Catalog Migration: How can I easily list my products on
  • Feed Optimization: Are my Walmart Marketplace products set up to be discovered correctly with Walmart’s search algorithm?
  • Growth Challenges: How do I scale the profitability of my Walmart products?
  • Multichannel Performance: How can I track and compare performance for the same products across channels?

At Teikametrics, we help you navigate to unlock explosive growth on Walmart Marketplace.

With a suite of new tools, we tap into your existing product performance across channels and unify that with specific marketplace growth tools offered by Walmart to accelerate your presence and results.

These new tools are part of a Beta program that we would love to have you participate in! We’ll help you expand your marketplace footprint to Walmart with our AI-driven migration and optimization service, designed to maximize sales and streamline your operations.

Streamlined Catalog Migration:

Deciding which products to list on is the first step in the process, especially when expanding your product catalog efficiently. We simplify this process by first identifying the best products to list and ensuring a seamless integration that meets Walmart’s stringent quality standards. Here’s how we help you achieve this:

  • Product Assortment Recommendations: By analyzing your cross-channel marketplace performance, we can give you custom-tailored recommendations for which products are most likely to succeed on the platform.
  • Effortless Product Listing: Forget manual data entry! We leverage your existing marketplace product data to simplify listing creation on Walmart that meets their specific standards for listing quality.

Walmart Growth Diagnostics & Actions:

Unlocking the full potential of Walmart requires more than just listing products; it demands strategic optimization and continuous improvement. By using Walmart’s suite of growth opportunity tools, our software analyzes your listings and surfaces recommendations and actions that can be taken to drive performance. Here’s how we help you stay ahead:

  • Listing Quality & OmniSpec 5.0: Walmart Marketplace’s new item setup process, OmniSpec 5.0, is a significant advancement in improving product discoverability on the marketplace. Our integrations ensure your listings meet these new standards for optimal search ranking and conversion, making your products more visible to potential customers.
  • Reviews Accelerator: Strengthen your catalog’s appeal with impactful reviews that build trust and establish credibility for your marketplace listings. Walmart Marketplace’s Reviews Accelerator Program can help you generate reviews for your newly launched products to kickstart your launch.
  • Pricing Incentives: Stay competitive and maximize profits by enrolling in Walmart’s weekly referral fee discounts program. We help you identify and leverage these discounts, ensuring your pricing strategy remains competitive while maintaining healthy profit margins.
  • Advertising: Using your ad dollars wisely is crucial for profitable growth. We analyze performance across channels to ensure your advertising strategy on Walmart is highly targeted and focused on products that will yield a positive return. Our tools help you allocate your budget effectively, driving higher sales and better ROI.

Apply for our Multichannel Feed Management Beta and Accelerate Your Walmart Performance

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