Everyone seeks to be the best in their category. It means their products are moving, their strategies are successful, and their customers are pleased. But does the recognition of holding a #1 Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) actually make a difference?

In this blog, we’ll break down why BSR is still a worthwhile goal in 2024 and what steps you can take to get closer to holding this coveted position.

Amazon BSR Increases Sales

Without mincing words, the Amazon Best Seller Rank is a goal for which every Amazon seller should be striving. Analysis performed by Momentum Commerce revealed that sellers with a BSR sold 41.5% more units per week when compared to the week before becoming the top position in their category.

Why is that?

While there is no definitive reasoning why as of yet, it can likely be tied to Amazon’s promotion and support of Best Seller Rank products. Amazon recognizes that customers are buying hot products for a reason, so they promote them to increase their own revenue.

To encourage others to buy BSR products, Amazon puts badges on the search results page, highlights the goods in their email communications, and will even send messages directly to shoppers. With a boost directly from Amazon, at the scale that Amazon provides, it’s no wonder that achieving an Amazon BSR will improve your business’s performance.

How to Achieve (and Maintain!) a #1 Amazon Best Seller Rank

Amazon BSR broken down by category with calculations based on the amount of products sold on an hourly basis. The sales rank does not affect the process nor do customer reviews. It is solely the frequency of sales.

If you want to attain the #1 Amazon Best Seller Rank, you need to increase the frequency of your sales. This means optimizing your titles, images, product descriptions, and ads to promote customer conversion. To maximize your results with the hourly process of BSR, you want to adjust these factors and list pricing every hour.

That’s why we recommend AI solutions for sellers looking to increase their rate of sale. AI can automatically adjust every one of your listings, keywords, prices, and more every single hour based on the most up-to-date data available. Streamline your strategic processes with all of your key performance metrics in one place. Experience the difference with a free Teikametrics demo.