Revised and updated for 2021!

Whether you’re a seasoned seller with a host of fast-moving products under your belt or you’re just testing the waters as an Amazon seller, you can’t overlook the Amazon marketplace’s hidden and not-so-hidden fees.

Pricing on Amazon is anything but straightforward, especially considering the often-confusing fee structure for those selecting the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) option. 

These include referral fees, as well as warehouse storage fees, not to mention unnecessary expenses like erroneous or misappropriated Amazon FBA fees. Suffice it to say, if you’re not careful, FBA can take a huge chunk out of your bottom line!

So, how can you get more certainty around reaping the biggest reward while still taking advantage of the convenience of FBA? With an Amazon FBA calculator, of course. 

These helpful Amazon profitability calculators allow sellers to get an accurate projected profit reading before they commit to a price or fulfillment option, and some even cater to international sellers.

These calculators are available in the form of simple browser tools, extensions, and even elaborate spreadsheet templates, and most of them are completely free to use. 

To get you started, we scoured the Internet to find the very best Amazon FBA calculators around. Our top picks are listed below in alphabetical order.

1. Algopix FBA Fee Calculator for Amazon


Amazon sellers currently shipping to more than one country or territory can benefit from Algopix’s FBA Fee Calculator for Amazon. The solution currently supports the delivery of fee-related data for 7 different countries. Pro tip: use the ‘FBA and MCF’ option to snag tailored insights based on products, shipping origin, and more.

Key Features:

  • Real-time cost comparison results
  • Seller Fee Calculator computes Amazon storage costs
  • Calculator begins with broad ‘Product Identifier’ search for targeted research options

2. Amazon ASIN FBA Calculator


This is an easy to use on-screen calculator from Amazon ASIN. Enter an ASIN and immediately get a profitability report with side-by-side comparison calculators for FBA and FBM.

Key Features:

  • Instant on-screen report
  • Ability to calculate comparison between FBA and FBM fulfillment
  • Calculate margins and price points for a healthy profit

3. Amazon Services’ Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator


The Amazon marketplace team designed the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator exclusively by and for the Amazon marketplace. Once you input your information, you are given an estimated revenue figure that you can then plug into another FBA calculator or formula for ‘surprise-free’ revenue verifications.

Key Features:

  • Allows sellers to search for existing products by name, UPC, EAN, ISBN, and ASIN
  • Provides an on-demand cost of seller fulfillment function
  • Offers predicted net profits and net margins for all inputted items

4. Amzpecty Amazon Profit Calculator


Amzpecty has taken into consideration the needs of real-life sellers, both big and small, to create its Amazon Profit Calculator. That’s why the service offers both a Bulk Profit Calculator, as well as an Individual Profit Calculator. Both tools are designed to maximize sellers’ research time, regardless of sizes or product categories.

Key Features:

  • Both calculators can be installed for free
  • The Bulk Profit Calculator can determine bulk profit calculations when a predefined file format is uploaded
  • The Profit Calculator is built right into the Amzpecty search results page for less time-consuming searches

5. AMZ Scout FBA Calculator


AMZ Scout has designed an ultra-convenient FBA Calculator extension that can be added directly to the browser from the Chrome store. Its streamlined design provides users with everything they need to know to make educated projections, including Amazon-related fees, sales volume, and revenue.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to compute Amazon income and fees without leaving the product page
  • Provides insight on Amazon commissions
  • Free download

6. Analyzer.Tools Bulk Analysis & Profit Calculation Software


Analyzer.Tools Bulk Analysis and Profit Calculation Software contains both FBA as well as FBM calculations which are designed with today’s Amazon sellers in mind. The calculators put accurate figures at your fingertips by analyzing a host of different costs and factors, including closing fees, fulfillment costs, inbound shipping, margin impacts, and more.

Key Features:

  • Part of a Bulk Analysis and Profit Calculation Software set
  • Synthesize large amounts of profit calculation research data into one Excel spreadsheet
  • Analyzer.Tools promises 100% accurate data based on Amazon’s changing guidelines

7. Bqool Profit Calculator


Bqool’s updated Profit Calculator is designed to determine profit and ROI, as well as identify FBA fulfillment fees. This flexibility makes the Profit Calculator a multi-functional tool that can be used to help determine shipping, referral, closing fees, and more.

Key Features:

 Works for both FBA and FBM

  •  Determines minimum and maximum prices for each item
  •  Automatically generates Amazon closing fees

8. Coursenvy Amazon Calculator


Coursenvy, a website that provides online business and marketing courses, offers a free Amazon revenue calculator for those who share their email addresses. The calculator is designed for sellers who are looking to properly price their items based on Amazon’s changing fees.

Key Features:

  • Excel calculator spreadsheet based on Amazon’s FBA revenue calculator
  • Free download
  • Comes with an additional profitability spreadsheet

9. CrazyLister Amazon FBA Calculator


CrazyLister’s Amazon FBA Calculator isn’t so much a calculator as it is a guide for dodging the pitfalls that many experience using the marketplace’s signature FBA calculator. This post provides tips and tricks aplenty for producing accurate results for even the most complex shipping needs and obscure products. Smart sellers can use CrazyLister’s tips to improve their calculations. Just be aware that some Amazon policies have been updated since this guide was written in 2018.

Key Features:

  • Breaks down Fulfillment by Amazon fee types
  • Provides Revenue Calculator instructions
  • Reveals the critical fees that Amazon’s calculator leaves out

10. Digicommerce Amazon FBA Calculator


The Digicommerce Amazon FBA Calculator is a fitting option for sellers based in or distributing to India. The tool takes into account all of the necessary fees associated with Amazon India, including referral fees, shipping fees, and closing fees. Once all necessary numbers are inputted, the user is provided with a customized profitability chart.

Key Features:

  • Breakdown includes monthly storage fees
  • Calculator can be accessed right on the Digicommerce site
  • Comes with a customized fees and charges chart

11. EcomCrew FBA Fees Calculator for 2021


EcomCrew has recently unveiled its newest 2021 FBA Fees Calculator, an intricate spreadsheet that is designed for sellers grappling with miles-long item lists. The spreadsheet includes all updated fees for 2021 and includes a guide that breaks down the most common pitfalls associated with each fee.

Key Features:

  • Comes equipped with an elaborate dimension guide
  • Amazon storage fee estimator
  • Takes into account inbound FBA fees

12. eComEngine FBA Calculator


The FBA Calculator from eComEngine is a free spreadsheet that estimates profitability on items you’re selling or thinking of selling. Use this tool to help you determine whether it will be profitable to add a new item to your catalog.

Key Features:

  • Free spreadsheet download helps keep your calculations organized
  • Enter your costs and fees data to calculate a profitability analysis
  • Upgrade to RestockPro to automate calculations

13. FBA Frontiers Profit Calculator

The FBA Frontiers Profit Calculator is a fitting choice for sellers who regularly ship to, within, and from the US, EU, and the UK. The Calculator takes into account exchange rates as well as the different FBA and import fees based on the three territories.

Key Features:

  • Free to use on the FBA Frontiers website
  • Also comes equipped with an Amazon shipping fees calculator
  • Calculates sale prices

14. FBA Multi-Tool


The FBA Multi-Tool bills itself as an “advanced FBA Calculator” which is specifically designed for Amazon sourcing and deal analysis. It even includes bonus features like VA time tracking and monitoring for a completely holistic solution for today’s sellers.

Key Features:

  • Includes EFN and VAT fees
  • BSR checker feature
  • Hazmat and restriction checker included

15. FBA Toolkit


FBA Toolkit is a unique product in the sense that it takes into account a vast array of factors which can affect a seller’s fees, such as rank, price list analysis, API, product tracking, and more. The software is a great option for strategic sellers who switch up their item lists often.

Key Features:

  • Free real-time sales rank information on the FBA Toolkit site
  • Price List Analysis features allows sellers to upload price lists for automated report generation
  • Product tracking tracks price, stock, and sales

16. Fetcher Profit Calculator

Fetcher is an Amazon profit calculation tool that is designed to take into account sellers’ most commonly overlooked areas, such as upfront costs, fixed costs, FBA fees (variable costs), and marketing costs. When analyzed together, the seller is left with a holistic view of their expenditures as well as a stunningly accurate view of their projected profit.

Key Features:

  • Provides accurate net margin per unit
  • Provides accurate gross margin
  • Free with email sign-up

17. Fetchy Amazon Profit Calculator for EU


Fetchy published its Amazon True Profit Calculator, a spreadsheet-based tool that is specifically geared towards those importing for the EU. The free Excel sheet includes an array of helpful considerations, including VAT, custom duty fees, FBA fees, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Free download
  • Amazon Sponsored Ad fees consideration
  • VAT on sales calculation

18. Freightos Amazon FBA Freight Rate Calculator


As an Amazon FBA seller, managing your freight costs is one of the most important activities in running a successful business. This FBA freight rate calculator from Freightos allows you to compare estimates for ocean, air, and land shipments.

Key Features:

  • Instant freight rate comparisons for international and domestic
  • Built-in transit time calculator
  • Real freight data from dozens of global freight forwarders

19. Gumroad FBA Fees and Profit Tracking Spreadsheet


This tracking spreadsheet is a full-featured offering that includes not only profitability calculators but also detailed tracking for all aspects of your Amazon business.

Key Features:

  • Full accounting capability and income statements
  • Detailed inventory tracking and turn rate measurement
  • Track ROI and % sold by rank

20. IO Scout’s FBA Calculator 

The FBA Calculator from IO Scout is an on-screen tool that helps with choosing products to sell and how to handle fulfillment. It comes with advice on understanding what makes good profit margins and how to minimize fees.

Key Features:

  • Both in-app and browser extensions options are available
  • Enter an ASIN to calculate fees and profit
  • Aids in choosing between FBA and FBM

21. Instant eBay and Amazon Calculator

This simple no-frills calculator allows you to enter your selling price and selling platform using eBay or Amazon and will calculate your estimated profit minus fees. It uses data specific for UK websites and displays amounts in pounds.

Key Features:

  • Quickly enter selling price
  • Receive estimated listing and transaction fees
  • Useful for sellers in the UK

22. JungleScout FBA Profit Calculator


The free calculator from JungleScout allows you to model your profitability with a detailed tool to understand revenue, seller fees, fulfillment costs, and product costs. There are calculators available for marketplaces in various countries, available with an email sign-up.

Key Features:

  • Multiple fields for a full picture of product cost
  • Enter all your expenses to get an estimate of Net Margin Per Unit
  • Copy and paste into tabs to track multiple products

23. JustOneDime FBA Fees Breakdown


Not having a full picture of costs can lead to eroded profit and poor business decisions. This handy guide from JustOneDime takes you through all the important fees you should be aware of when selling on the Amazon marketplace.

Key Features:

  • Use the rule of thirds to quickly estimate basic costs
  • Be aware of the different referral fees for each product category
  • Includes a detailed breakdown of fulfillment fees

24. ManageByStats Amazon FBA True Profit Calculator


The ManageByStats statistical management tool helps you to run your Amazon business. Use your real fees and revenue data to calculate profits. 

Key Features:

  • App-based calculator with a 14-day free trial
  • Understand your profits, margins, and ROI
  • Select the time periods and ways of sorting products that get you the data you need

25. MassView FBA Calculator


The calculator from MassView is designed to estimate FBA fees as well as calculate revenue and profit. Enter an ASIN to start your calculations.

Key Features:

  • Calculate revenues, fees, and profits
  • Includes manufacturing, shipping, and FBA storage fees
  • Use on-screen or get the Chrome extension version which makes it even easier to use

26. Product Spy Pro Sales Estimator

Getting a quick understanding of potential sales volumes is an important part of early product research. This simple calculator allows you to select a product category with corresponding sales rank and provides the estimated unit sales.

Key Features:

  •      Differentiate sales numbers between product categories
  •      Receive a quick view of product volumes per month based on sale rank
  •      Make quick changes to the tool for fast research

27. Profit Bandit


Profit Bandit is a product scanning app, available for iphone, that allows you to quickly scan barcodes for any item and see Amazon data. The app will display estimated profitability by analyzing sales history and shipping/FBA fees.

Key Features:

  • Displays net profit and estimated ROI
  • Easy to use on the road for product scouting trips
  • A full-featured Pro mode is available for detailed customizations

28. ProfitGuru Amazon FBA Calculator

ProfitGuru focuses on helping private label and wholesale sellers, so this Amazon FBA Calculator estimates monthly sales volume to help sellers assess the potential of a product.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use on-page interface
  • Look up Amazon product by ASIN to pull in product details
  • Add your Shipping Cost and Cost Price to calculate profit estimates

29. Reseller Profit Calculator

This Reseller Profit Calculator app for Android contains detailed calculations in a compact view. You simply enter your product pricing, costs, and fees across multiple fields to receive profit estimates.

Key Features:

  • Estimate real buying price minus planned discounts
  • Profit estimates in both USD and chosen local currency
  • Save profiles for different marketplaces for quick access

30. RetailOps Amazon FBA vs Seller Fulfilled Prime Excel Template


Choosing between FBA and your own fulfillment is an important decision for your business, and your needs may evolve over time based on your product selection and goals. This Excel template from RetailOps includes detailed data to help you choose the best method.

Key Features:

  • A standalone tool that can be used anywhere
  • Includes detailed factors such as COGS and product penalties
  • Forecast your costs from 6 months to 1 year out

31. RevSeller On-Page Estimator and Variation Viewer for Amazon Sellers

This Amazon seller extension for Chrome comes from RevSeller and includes some useful visualizations built right into your browser. With it you can get a clear picture of sales rank, category, and profitability right up front, which can save a lot of time during research.

Key Features:

  • An on-page, real-time calculator
  • See estimates for ROI and profit margin
  • Built-in variation viewer to model multiple variables

32. SaleCalc Amazon Marketplace/FBA Fee and Profit Calculator


This basic web template offers profitability estimates based on your basic data for product information and costs. It also recommends a target sale price to reach your desired level of profitability.

Key Features:

  • Break-even estimates based on sales price and costs
  • Results presented as a table or a graphic breakdown
  • Support for all major product lines and size tiers

33. Second Half Dreams FBA Calculator in Excel


Calculating your cost of goods sold (COGS) is an important measurement to properly evaluate your profitability and manage your business. These tips from Second Half Dreams tell you exactly how to set up your own calculator all in Excel.

Key Features:

  •  Track your order ideas and sales history within the document
  •  Works very well for beginning sellers with only recent sales history
  •  Easy formatting and the option to add basic net profit calculations

34. SellerApp FBA Calculator


This free handy calculator from SellerApp can be used to assess profit and get a clear comparison of FBA and FBM costs. The ability to compare fulfillment modes while running revenue estimates is a great way to optimize your product strategy.

Key Features:

  • Understand your product margins with the revenue calculator
  • Compare fulfillment modes to choose the best option for your business
  • The built-in FBA calculator report provides net profit estimates

35. Seller SEO ACOSinator


The ACOSinator from Seller SEO is a calculator that focuses on estimating the advertising cost of sale (ACOS) from running Amazon sponsored product campaigns. Once your product is live, a tool like this is perfect for knowing where to spend your advertising money.

Key Features:

  • Understand your break-even point before running any PPC ads
  • Enter your data and see your estimates within a minute
  • Allows you to plan your profit per unit and profit per quantity sold

36. ShipBob Amazon FBA Cost Calculator


It can be hard to select the right selling platform(s) without having a clear picture of the costs involved. This Web form from ShipBob allows you to compare selling and fulfillment with FBA to selling and fulfillment through your own website with a third-party logistics provider (3PL).

Key Features:

  • Allows to you compare the total cost and profit for your product
  • Cost savings estimates based on fulfillment channels
  • Comprehensive estimates of costs for selling and fulfillment

37. Synccentric Amazon FBA Calculator


This web-based Amazon FBA calculator from Synccentric is unique in that it offers the option to upload CSV files and quickly search for multiple products at once based on ASIN, UPC, or SKU. With such a quick entry process, you can focus your time on calculating your fees, revenue, and profit.

Key Features:

  • CSV import is supported for quick entry
  • Search for thousands of products simultaneously
  • Includes a detailed guide for using the features

38. Tools For FBA Ultimate Amazon FBA Sales Spreadsheet V2

This spreadsheet from Tools For FBA, The Ultimate Amazon FBA Sales Spreadsheet v2, offers a comprehensive set of data analysis tools set against a beautiful, sleek design. It’s a paid spreadsheet template tool that is made for sellers who need customization and bulk analysis.

Key Features:

  • Easily track reimbursements and removals
  • Automatic download of Seller Central data reports
  • A streamlined dashboard view to visualize all key data

39. Turbo Piranha


Set your shipping rates and pricing and run Turbo Piranha to calculate FBA and FBM fees as well as your profitability.

Key Features:

  • Turbo Piranha runs on Windows OS 
  • Bulk analysis of profit and margin
  • Works for marketplaces in North America and Europe

We revised this list for 2021 by removing calculators no longer in operation or that clearly hadn’t been updated in a few years, and adding new calculators. Did we miss any changes? Let us know so we can keep the list completely up-to-date!