Amazon just solved the bane of every apparel seller and buyer’s existence. Hello, Amazon Fit Insights Tool.

While shopping for clothes online is incredibly convenient, providing a seamless experience for shoppers was historically challenging. Unless someone purchases a generic item like a t-shirt, buyers may not be sure it will fit them. Even with size charts, there is room for error and inaccuracy. Fortunately, Amazon’s new service addresses just this. Let’s take a look:

What is the Amazon Fit Insights Tool?

The Fit Insights Tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a more accurate understanding of an item’s fit. That means whether you’re selling clothes, shoes, or other apparel, your customers know what they’ll be getting — no try-on necessary! Amazon expects this to reduce return rates while boosting overall consumer satisfaction.

Availability and Access

The Fit Insights tool is a powerful resource, but who can even use it? Amazon is rolling out access gradually, starting with a limited number of brands during the beta version and expanding to all eligible brands by the end of 2023. Initially available to brands registered in Amazon Brand Registry within the Apparel and Shoe categories with at least 100 shipped units in the last 12 months, new enrollments are temporarily on hold.

Size Matters: How to Enhance Your ASIN with the Amazon Fit Insights Tool

Fit Insights Tool, specific to Brand, Department, and Product type, ensures a tailored shopping experience for customers. Sellers can take advantage of this by either contacting Seller Support for a size chart template or using the self-service size chart tool in Seller Central. To delve deeper into this, check out the comprehensive guides on Amazon Brand Registry and the Size Chart Self-Serve Tool.

Potential Problems

As with any new feature, potential problems will be ironed out with time.

Data Collection

Data discrepancies can occur, especially for new products or those recently meeting shipping unit thresholds. Any delay in data collection allows for ample time for customers to complete their returns, ensuring accurate return rate metrics in Fit Insights. Keep an eye on the last updated date in each section for the latest refresh information.

Dates and Return Rates

Wondering why you can’t select the current and previous month to view return rates? This exclusion is intentional, ensuring that the return window for customers is closed, providing a more accurate representation of return rates.

The Invite-Only Body Analyzer Feature

Some brands have an extra edge with the Body Analyzer feature, an invite-only tool available to select brands. Unfortunately, no new enrollments are being accepted at this time. That being said, given enough time, more brands will be able to access new Amazon features and improve their campaigns and strategies accordingly.

Ultimately, Amazon’s Fit Insights is a testament to the retail giant’s commitment to empowering its sellers with the tools they need for success. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, Amazon remains at the forefront, ensuring that its sellers have the resources they need to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce. For further guidance and support, sellers are encouraged to explore the detailed resources available on Amazon’s platform and reach out to Seller Support for assistance.