Amazon is the industry leader in eCommerce services, helping brands of every size find success through innovative new tools and products. In fact, over 1.7 million small- and medium-sized businesses sell on Amazon’s stores. As part of their commitment to sellers, Amazon is introducing a new expansion to the Amazon Small Business Academy (ASBA). Much like their recently-introduced Black Business Accelerator and European Expansion Accelerator, ASBA is designed to empower sellers with the tools, resources, and education they need to maximize their performance in the marketplace. To help you get started, we’re providing a quick guide with everything you need to know.

Why small businesses?

Amazon devotes billions of dollars in time and resources every year to support small businesses because they are a driving force for Amazon’s stores and the economic health of local communities across the country. In fact, 99.9% of organizations in the US are classified as small businesses. Many of these are operated without employees, meaning that the owners will benefit from every resource available to them. With more resources, these companies can grow and hire new employees, adding new jobs and empowering others to make a living wage and live well. Amazon recognizes the importance of the nearly 13 million jobs small businesses have added in the last 25 years, and with their help, they’re hoping to keep that number growing in the next 25.

What is the ASBA?

The Amazon Small Business Academy is a suite of free online resources targeted at brands that earn less than $1M yearly. It provides up-to-date educational tools for sellers looking to start a business or expand their current brand.

The curriculum is tailored to sellers’ experience levels, ensuring they receive actionable items for their direct needs. Topics include items like building websites, selling online, managing a social media presence, marketing techniques, developing Amazon strategies, and finding new opportunities to grow. Participants of ASBA also gain access to exclusive events and offers from partners and join an intensive boot camp experience.

Benefits of Amazon’s Small Business Academy

Small-business owners who are new to selling on Amazon will benefit the most from the educational resources and opportunities the program presents. With three different learning tracks and an ongoing series of live and on-demand webinars, new sellers have access to solutions and guides for nearly every technique they need or problem they encounter. 

Sellers can quickly onboard and grow their business by learning best practices directly from Amazon. With these resources, you can be sure your practices are not only compliant with Amazon’s Terms and Conditions, but also ideal for maximizing your business’s potential. 

It is also a fantastic resource to revisit as you grow your business with its up-to-date policies and advice. Additionally, ASBA Office Hours gives you an opportunity to connect with industry experts in case you need to reach out for troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Don’t wait. Get started growing your business today!