With their commitment to making selling easier and more profitable for sellers, Amazon has recently implemented two significant updates: the Delivery Window and the European Expansion Accelerator (EEA). Both updates are major benefits for sellers looking to move their products more quickly and find resources to help them to maximize their performance. Read on to learn more about them and see how they can help you continue to grow your business.

Amazon Delivery Window 

Amazon Delivery Window is a new Send to Amazon requirement to help Amazon get your products in stock faster. The Delivery Window is an estimated date range for your shipment’s arrival at the fulfillment center. 

Specify a 7-day Delivery Window for domestic shipments or a 14-day Delivery Window for cross-border shipments that have longer lead times. This information will help make the FBA inbound shipment process more predictable, so you can make better supply chain decisions. 

By letting Amazon know when they can expect your products, they can sort through them more quickly and ensure you can move products faster.

Best Practices for the Delivery Window

When creating a non-partnered carrier shipment in the Send to Amazon (STA) workflow, enter the Delivery Window information you receive from your carrier in Step 2 for Small Parcel Delivery (SPD) and Step 4 for Less Than Truckload (LTL) (Freight).  

If you use Amazon-partnered carriers, you do not need to provide a Delivery Window as Amazon receives shipment arrival information from the carriers.

If your shipping plans change after you’ve selected a date range, you still have until the start of the Delivery Window to update the information on Send to Amazon in the Tracking details step.

Lastly, if you miss your Delivery Window, Amazon will notify you in the Shipping Queue so you can work with your carriers to provide accurate windows for future shipments. While there is no penalty for missing a window, it is recommended that you find a workflow to ensure you provide future Delivery Windows to maximize the performance of your Amazon store.

Amazon European Expansion Accelerator

Similar to Amazon’s many other growth tools, like the Black Business Accelerator, the EEA was created to empower sellers to reach more customers and take their performance to the next level. With this resource, sellers can expand their business into EU and UK marketplaces in just two clicks. The EEA was also designed and built based on seller feedback, as Amazon looks to improve the experience for everyone who uses their marketplace.

Prior to this, sellers looking to expand their reach in Europe had only two options based on their needs with Amazon:

  • Manually, by creating an account in a new store, configuring account settings in that store, preparing their catalog (identifying offers to list, translating the catalog), then listing and pricing their products to make the offers live in new stores. 
  • Via Integrators, where sellers use third-party APIs to complete their expansion. 

Regardless of how they choose to expand, sellers are able to use the EEA for free, as long as they already sell in at least one Amazon Europe store.

Common Questions about the European Expansion Accelerator

Every new resource brings a slew of new questions around details and use cases. Fortunately, Amazon has talked with sellers and has answers for the most common questions. Here is what you can expect from the EEA:

  • How are sellers’ prices set for expanded offers?
    • Amazon-fulfilled offers are priced at the same price as the source store, adjusted for exchange rates, taxes, and fees. Once enabled, prices automatically adjust to account for estimated fulfillment fees (based on the dimensions, enrolled fulfillment program, and estimated location of inventory), estimated VAT, custom adjustment, and currency difference between the source and target stores.
    • Merchant-fulfilled offers are priced with the same price as the source store, adjusted for exchange rate if applicable and taxes.
  • What VAT implications does the European Expansion have for sellers?
    • Selling in more than one European country is possible without the high administrative burden of obtaining and managing up to 27 EU VAT registration numbers by opting in for Amazon’s Union One-Stop-Shop. When opting in for OSS, sellers will report all EU B2C Distance Sales through a single VAT return within their country of establishment, irrespective of the actual ship-from country.
    • The situation above does not cover every situation in which VAT registration may be required in a country. We advise sellers to speak to their external tax advisor if they are unsure about their registration requirements. The VAT registration thresholds of each country are subject to change.
  • How will listings be translated?
    • All translations and creation of product detail pages in the target store will be attempted via Build International Listings. Translations can be adjusted after the successful expansion to selected European stores.

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