Amazon accounts without ads are like driving a car without an engine — it just doesn’t work. However, not all ads are created equal. In fact, video is one of the most powerful media for Amazon sellers. Since there are so many different categories and types, it can be easy to mistake them for others or use the wrong recommended practices. To empower your Amazon ads and keep you informed about the major types, we’ve created the Amazon video ads dictionary — and our groundbreaking 2023 Amazon Video Cheat Sheet. Check it out below!

Product Detail Page Videos

Product Detail Page (PDP) videos are those that appear on your Amazon listing. These are treated differently than advertisements. While ads are to capture and impress, PDP should inform viewers. Users on your product page are already engaged. They want to know more about the item, you don’t need to capture their attention, you already have it.

According to Rob Wiltsey, Founder + CEO of VideoFresh, this is the most important detail to include in your PDPs: “You know what information they’re really hoping to find about your product. What are the biggest objections? Counter those. What are the customer’s biggest pain points? Solve them. What are the hot things that really get people excited about your product? Show them.”

If the item is more focused on fun than utility, then it’s important to instill that within viewers. Your PDP video can show off the lifestyle that your customer desires.

When it comes to length, there is a right and a wrong answer, and videos are often both at the same time. Wiltsey notes on the one hand, you want to keep videos short to account for people’s diminished attention span. However, if the information is compelling, you want to capitalize on that attention for as long as possible. So more is better, right? Or is it less?

In the end, your videos should only include valuable information for the watcher. The amount of time that takes should be the length of the video, no more no less.

Storefront Videos

While PDP videos focus on individual items, storefront videos show off your entire brand. They are an opportunity to drive home your values and what makes you different. Once you’ve established those details, go into the types of products you sell. If a customer is watching a storefront video, they want to learn more about what you do. Take advantage of their attention and educate. Wiltsey believes, “You want to make sure the viewer leaves with understanding. But, also, don’t be afraid to get poetic. Get creative and really capture the emotion of your brand and personality with that video.” With this approach, you’re sure to stay in their memory!

Amazon Video Ads

At the other end of the spectrum, no brand’s efforts are complete without video advertisements. While PDPs can be any length, ads are required to be between six and 45 seconds. While that may feel limiting, there’s enough variety in ad types to ensure you’re reaching your audience when, where, and how they want.

Sponsored Brand Video

Sponsored Brand Videos are the most commonly used Amazon video ad type, and for good reason.  They help your company stand out on desktop and mobile platforms, and draw in new customers while they’re shopping. Sponsored brand videos feature your product and pertinent information (title, star rating, review count, price, and Prime status), and bring customers right to your page if clicked on.

They offer great tailoring opportunities as ads appear based on keyword targeting. This ensures your products appear for relevant searches, or as a way to cut in on your competition’s branded searches. When used correctly, Sponsored Brand Videos can help you increase clickthrough rates by 108% and conversion rates by 32%. 

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Are you looking for technology to do your advertising for you? Amazon’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a programmatic advertising service, which means it uses data to buy ad spots based on price and other factors.

Being native to Amazon’s platform, it has an integration with your ASINs, automatically pulling pertinent information from your listings. You are able to tailor listings to individual audiences based on location, product views, purchases, searches, market, domain, category, and so much more.

Streaming TV

As more households “cut the cord” and switch to streaming TV, there are more reasons to use it as an advertising channel. Amazon has recently expanded their offers from Prime Video to include Freevee, Thursday Night Football, Twitch, Fire TV, as well as their other publisher services. With such a variety, their platform is likely to appeal to the majority of video viewers.

Luckily for marketers, you can take advantage of their 135 million viewer audience and increase purchase rate by 90% with streaming TV ads. With this, you can place ads before, during, and after segment content, capturing your preferred customers where they spend their time.

Amazon Live

Businesses host live videos showing off products as well as their high-energy brand through storytelling with your team or influencers. It allows you to connect directly with customers, answer their questions, build hype, provide exclusive offers, and so much more. With self-service, influencer, and Amazon-hosted services, there is an avenue perfect no matter how focused or grand your goals may be.

Enter: Amazon Live. This is Amazon’s internal platform that allows you to inspire, inform, and entertain customers with real-time brand interaction. More shoppers seek authentic, person-to-person interactions with their favorite brands, making Amazon Live a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on cold and warm touch points. You can delight and educate your audience with live videos streamed directly from your computer or phone, relying on Amazon hosts to create content, or using the audience and clout of influencers in your market.

Enhance Your Amazon Video Ads

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