Welcome to the fourth installment of our employee spotlight blog series, where we persist in celebrating the exceptional individuals who embody Teikametrics’ resolute commitment to ownership and excellence. As our journey unfolds, we’d like to continue to introduce the dynamic and devoted professionals who craft the narrative of success at Teikametrics. In this installment, we will continue to unveil their distinctive stories, applaud their outstanding accomplishments, and extract valuable insights from their wealth of experience. Once again, join us in shedding light on the extraordinary employees propelling Teikametrics forward, forging pathways of innovation, and setting fresh benchmarks of excellence in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Meet Ashely Xia, one of our Senior eCommerce Analysts! 

Hi, I’m Ashley – the most friendly person in the room with a big smile. While I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, dancing salsa and reading.

Tell us about your team:  What does your team do? How do they support the business? 

Our Analyst team mainly helps clients optimize their ads, educate them with the use of flywheel and help them gain key insights and expertise.

What does a typical day look like in your role? 

A typical day involves conducting meetings with clients, writing follow-up emails after meetings and conducting ads optimization on client accounts.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in your field?

I am passionate about digital marketing and its ever changing and evolving nature.

Why did you decide to join Teikametrics? Why do you stay? 

I decided to join Teikametrics because of the work culture and nature of the business. I stay because of the great benefits and encouraging work culture.

What do you like most about working remotely? 

Being able to work more effectively as different people have different work styles. 

What is your #1 tip for staying productive while working from home? 

Keeping up with your calendar and blocking out specific time on the calendar for your to-dos everyday.

What do you like to do outside of work?

traveling, dancing, reading

How has Teikametrics supported your career development? 

By building a great foundation in digital marketing and providing room to explore different role opportunities.

Which one of Teikametrics core values resonates most with you and why? 

Customer-obsession – the essence of our business is to understand our customer’s needs and to provide customers a great experience maximizing their potential on different marketplaces. Customer feedback is the key to our product development.

What’s something that can only happen at Teikametrics? 

Transparency – we have real time open Q&A’s during All Hands. 

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about Teikametrics? 

How great our product is!

Why are you excited about working at Teikametrics?

Everyone is an owner, everyone can contribute something to the company. One company, one team!

About Teikametrics 

Teikametrics’ AI-powered Marketplace Optimization Platform helps sellers and brand owners maximize their potential on the world’s most valuable marketplaces. Founded in 2015, Teikametrics uses proprietary AI technology to maximize profitability in a simple SaaS interface. Teikametrics optimizes more than $8 billion in GMV across thousands of sellers around the world, with brands including Munchkin, Clarks, Nutribullet, Conair, Nutrafol, and Solo Stove trusting Teikametrics to unlock the full potential of their selling and advertising on Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces.