Our philosophy at Teikametrics is to build software that continually addresses what keeps you, the seller, up at night. It’s why Teikametrics Flywheel provides dynamic, value-based bid optimization to ensure you’re always remaining competitive on key terms – along with granular MACS setting so you’re never winning an ad auction when its unprofitable to do so.

Today, we’re marrying this industry-leading bid automation with similar algorithmic controls on keyword actions. The result for your brand is continual competitiveness, increased market share, and more profitable sales.

How it Works

With a few clicks, Teikametrics users can now set parameters automating when a new keyword should be added to a manual campaign, whether based on conversion volume, click volume, ACOS – or some combination of all three. When a specific keyword’s performance hits all those benchmarks within a 30-day window, it gets automatically added to a manual campaign – with ad-group mapping based on previously selected ad groups for similar keywords (e.g. competitor terms).

With Teikametrics software making an average of more than 1,000 keyword recommendations per month for each seller, the ability to automatically trigger when new keywords should be added to existing campaigns represents significant time savings, on top of the performance improvements.

Getting Started

As seen in the GIF above, toggling and configuring Automated Keyword Actions is simple. Just click the new ‘Settings’ icon in the right hand sidebar, hit the toggle saying ‘Add New Keywords Automatically’, and then input your desired parameters – using one criterion, all the way up to three.

We hope you enjoy this great new addition to the Teikametrics software, but it’s just the beginning. Over the next several months we’ll be continually adding more functionality around automation designed to save you time, keep you agile, and grow your business.