Fast shipping is great, but with more and more sellers offering 2-day, 1-day, and same-day delivery, you need something else to stand out from the crowd. Enter, fast shipping tags.

Fast shipping tags can supercharge your sales, marketing, and ad strategies. We’re here to share some of the benefits of fast shipping for eCommerce sellers on Amazon and across marketplaces.

What are fast tags?

Fast tags are badges attached to listings that designate fast delivery through a marketplace’s fast shipping program. You might have also heard them referred to as fast shipping tags or fast shipping badges.

After satisfying a fast shipping program’s eligibility requirements, a fast tag is added to your listings for shoppers to see on the results and product pages, and for the search engine algorithm to see when filtering results.

The most popular marketplace fast tags include Amazon Prime, Walmart TwoDay Delivery, Wish Express, and eBay Fast ‘N Free.

Amazon Prime and Expedited Delivery

Fast tags

Amazon Prime offers shoppers free 2-day, 1-day, and same-day shipping for a monthly or annual subscription fee. 

Sellers can qualify for Amazon Prime automatically through Fulfillment by Amazon, or for Seller Fulfilled Prime manually through Fulfillment by Merchant. Once qualified, Prime sellers receive a Prime badge tag next to their listings and on product pages.

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Walmart TwoDay Delivery

Walmart TwoDay Delivery

Walmart 2-day delivery (officially known as the Walmart TwoDay Delivery program) provides all customers with free two-day delivery, with no membership or minimum spend. Eligible sellers and listings have a “2-day delivery” tag added in the search results and on listing pages. 

Wish Express

Wish Express

Wish Express guarantees shoppers delivery within 5-working days, with no membership or minimum spend. Wish Express sellers receive an orange delivery truck icon next to qualifying listings.

eBay Fast ‘N Free


eBay Fast ‘N Free is an automatic fast tag added to all listings that can be delivered within 4-days for free. Qualifying listings have a green Fast ‘N Free tag, and guaranteed delivery date added to the search results and product page. 

Bonus: Shopify 2-Day Delivery


While Shopify doesn’t run a fast shipping program itself, many sellers create their own Shopify fast tags by adding free 2-day delivery tags and countdown timers product listings. 

Why are fast tags so important?

Many merchants understand the value of speedy deliveries for their primary listings, but why should you go the extra mile to get qualified across other marketplaces, too?

1. Increased visibility

Fast tags increase your visibility across online marketplaces because marketplace search engines either directly favor fast tag listings, or indirectly favor them through increased traffic and conversions. This results in a higher search engine result placement, making your listings more likely to be seen and clicked on.

Additionally, the bright tag stands out on the search results page and is immediately recognizable by shoppers. Some marketplaces, such as Wish, promote fast shipping listings in unique places such as banners, email campaigns, ads, and even their own dedicated tab.

2. Search filter inclusion

Ensuring your listings are equipped with fast shipping badges also ensure that your products appear when shoppers filter for quick deliveries. If someone filters out for Prime or Walmart 2-day delivery, your listings will appear alongside reduced competition. This maximizes conversions and the number of search results that your listings appear in, further increasing visibility and clicks.

3. The buy box

Listings with reliable fulfillment (determined by having met fast shipping program requirements) have a better chance of winning the buy box and, accordingly, winning sales ahead of competitors. For example, Walmart Two-Day Delivery listings are 36% more likely to win the buy box, driving up to 1.5x more product views. 

4. Time-sensitive purchases

Shoppers searching for an item they need immediately will actively look for fast shipping tags that guarantee delivery as soon as possible. This maximizes the different types of people your products appeal to, including forgetful, last-minute, and underprepared shoppers.

5. More conversions

Fast shipping tags have been shown to increase conversions. Walmart sellers activating Walmart 2-day delivery tags see an average 40% increase in GMV because of the shopper benefits that fast shipping brings. 

6. Trust

Finally, fast tags act as a marketplace stamp of approval, which can increase trust in your store by association. You’ve proven that you can meet strict delivery requirements and standards, and if a marketplace is willing to give you a badge of approval, then more customers are willing to trust you with their money.

How to get fast tags

Each marketplace has slightly different fast shipping program eligibility requirements for earning their fast tags. 

The standard metrics monitored are:

  • Delivery speeds – how quickly you deliver items 
  • On-time shipment – how often you ship on time
  • On-time delivery – how often you deliver on time 
  • Tracking IDs – if you provide tracking references
  • Cancellation rate – how many orders you cancel 
  • Customer feedback – how positive are your customer reviews 

For example, Walmart two-day delivery requires delivery within two days, on-time shipping rates of 95% or above, on-time delivery rates of 95% or above, accurate products delivered 99.5% of the time or more, valid tracking ID provided 95% of the time or more, and cancellation rates of 1.5% or lower. 

To obtain fast shipping tags for Amazon or other online marketplaces, you must meet and maintain these metrics across your listings. 

Using Deliverr for in a multi-channel approach

While it is possible to meet the eligibility requirements in-house or using individual marketplace solutions such as FBA, Deliverr offers a quick, reliable, and affordable way to qualify for fast tags across marketplaces

With a warehouse and fulfillment network covering 95% of the US and an FBA-like delivery service that guarantees delivery within two days or fewer, Deliverr automatically meets the eligibility requirements for all fast shipping programs. 

You can then use this to apply for programs like Seller Fulfilled Prime, to automatically qualify for Walmart, eBay, and Wish fast shipping programs, or add your own fast tags to your Shopify store.

Final thoughts

If you’re already offering fast shipping on some of your channels, you should be offering it for all of them. Not only do you help spread out your sales revenue, creating a diversified and more defensible business, you’ll benefit more from the speed you’re already delivering.

If you’re not already offering fast shipping, then by working with your internal fulfillment team or an outsourced fulfillment partner such as Deliverr, you can use fast tags as a motivator to increase your shipping speeds and benefit from boosted visibility, clicks, sales, and profits. 

No one wants to blend into the crowd on Amazon or other online marketplaces – fast shipping tags help you to stand out with outstanding speed.

About the Author

This is a guest post from Michael Krakaris. Michael is one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and the co-founder of Deliverr. Deliverr provides fast and affordable fulfillment for your Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Wish stores, helping to boost sales through programs like 2-day delivery for Shopify, Walmart 2-day delivery, eBay Fast ‘N Free, and Wish Express.

Deliverr’s FBA-like multi-channel fulfillment comes with clear pricing, easy onboarding and a hassle free experience so you can focus on growing your eCommerce business.