In the ever-evolving landscape of online advertising, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Enter the Teikametrics Multichannel Advertising Optimization Dashboard, a game-changer designed to provide advertisers with unparalleled insights into their performance across various channels, ad types, and merchants. This one-stop-shop solution is more than just a dashboard; it’s a strategic command center for optimizing your advertising campaigns.

The Teikametrics Advantage

All-in-One View

Unlike the traditional siloed approach of individual platform consoles, the Multichannel Advertising Optimization Dashboard consolidates your advertising data from multiple channels, including Amazon and Walmart. This means you get a holistic view of your advertising performance without toggling between platforms.

Merchant, Channel, and Ad Type Integration

The power lies in integration. The dashboard groups performance metrics by channels, breaks down ad types under each channel, and allows you to select and analyze merchants individually or together. It’s a comprehensive overview that enables you to identify trends, spot opportunities, and refine strategies seamlessly.

Exportable Data

Knowledge is power, and the ability to harness that knowledge offline is equally crucial. With the Multichannel Advertising Optimization Dashboard, you can export the entire dataset as a .CSV file. This feature empowers you to perform deeper analyses, share insights with your team, or keep a record of your advertising performance over time.

Navigating the Dashboard

Performance Metrics by Channel

The dashboard starts with a high-level view of your advertising performance metrics grouped by channels. Platforms like Amazon and Walmart are seamlessly integrated, giving you a unified view of your advertising landscape.

Ad Types Breakdown

Dive deeper into your strategy by exploring the breakdown of ad types under each channel. Whether it’s sponsored products, sponsored brands, or sponsored display, the dashboard categorizes ad types for a granular analysis.

Multi-Level Sorting

Efficiency is key, and the Multichannel Advertising Optimization Dashboard understands that. With three levels of sorting—Total Sales, Total Sales at the Merchant level, and Sales broken down by ad type for each merchant—you can navigate your data effortlessly.

1P and 3P Comparison

Easily compare the advertising performance of 1P and 3P for a specific channel. The dashboard includes a dedicated column that differentiates between the two, providing valuable insights into your marketplace strategy.

Key Metrics Overview

Get a quick overview of essential metrics such as Total Sales, Ad Sales, Ad Spend, ROAS, TACoS, and the percentage of Total Ad Spend for each channel and ad type. It’s your go-to snapshot for making informed decisions.

Ads Manager Integration

The Multichannel Advertising Optimization Dashboard doesn’t just stop at insights—it seamlessly integrates with the Ads Manager. Click on the arrow next to any metric, select “more details,” and you’ll find yourself directly in the Ads Manager for in-depth analysis and management.

Data & Definitions

Understanding your metrics is essential. The dashboard provides a “Data & Definitions” link next to the Ads Console. Quickly access the definitions and formulas behind the metrics for a transparent understanding of your data.

Ads Console Access

Need to take immediate action? Launch Campaign Creator to view or create new Smart Campaigns (campaigns created with Teikametrics AI technology), or launch the Amazon and Walmart Ads Consoles directly from the dashboard. It’s the quickest route from insight to action.

Data Export

Flexibility is key, and the dashboard offers just that. Download the entire table with the “Export” button, giving you the freedom to work with your data in a way that suits your needs.

Empowering Your Advertising Strategy

In the fast-paced world of multichannel advertising, having a strategic advantage can make all the difference. The Teikametrics Multichannel Advertising Optimization Dashboard is not just a tool; it’s a powerhouse designed to empower advertisers with actionable insights, streamlined analysis, and a unified view of their advertising landscape. Say goodbye to platform-hopping and hello to a new era of efficient, data-driven decision-making. Welcome to the future of advertising optimization.