Managing ad budgets across multiple platforms and categories is a challenging feat. As Amazon notes, budgets must fit your unique needs and campaign results. Deviation can make for major complications down the line, impeding scalability and even the overall security of your business. Overspending can disrupt plans, yet underspending might limit potential growth. While budgets can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month, you need to find what suits your specific use case.

Enter Teikametrics’s Budget Pacing – your ultimate tool to analyze, forecast, and stay on target with your advertising spend.

Superior Tracking Across Amazon and Walmart

With Teikametrics’s Budget Pacing dashboard, you gain a bird’s-eye view of your ad spending across Amazon and Walmart merchants. Setting clear monthly budget goals for each merchant ensures you’re in control.

Teikametrics takes tracking even further than the native marketplaces. Not only does our data go more in-depth than Amazon or Walmart, our dashboard makes it easy to see updates for both channels at a glance or even compare to stay more informed and agile.

Enter Monthly Budgets with Ease

Click ‘Edit Budgets’ on each channel table to input your monthly budget goals for individual merchants. Input these budgets in the merchant’s native currency and track the entry date. Remember, if not updated, these budgets roll over to the next month, so staying current is vital.

Dive into Detailed Analysis

For each merchant you can explore the campaigns contributing to your ad spend. This deeper dive allows a comprehensive view of every campaign channeling money toward your monthly budget goals. All ad types are included for thorough analysis.

Strategic Decision-Making

Analyze campaign performance to make informed decisions on your ad strategy, such as budget allocation and more. The insights gained empower you to refine and optimize your ad spending, ensuring every dollar drives maximum impact.

Teikametrics’s Budget Pacing isn’t just a tool; it’s your compass in the complex landscape of ad budgeting. It helps you track, forecast, and strategize effectively, keeping you on the path to meeting your advertising objectives.

Ready to take charge of your ad spend? Sign in to Teikametrics to use Budget Pacing and propel your advertising efforts toward success.