Campaigns are critical for ecommerce success. Unfortunately, they’re time-consuming, complicated, and can be prone to errors if set up incorrectly. As sellers set up and optimize more campaigns over time, this process only becomes more difficult. Fortunately, Teikametrics is introducing the Campaign Creator, built directly into the industry-leading Flywheel 2.0, to help sellers maximize their efforts and capture more market share. How? By saving them time and money by doing the heavy lifting for them. Read on to learn about this groundbreaking new service:

What is Teikametrics’ Campaign Creator?

The Campaign Creator allows users to create bulk campaign structures in minutes, saving them the most valuable resource: time. This bulk structure creates consistency between campaigns, making it easy to ensure you always have the right aspects in everything you do. Additionally, this simplifies tracking performance and gathering data for future campaigns.

Campaign Creator does more than just help sellers set up their marketplace efforts. Users can control every detail of their campaign structures directly from this one source. From how to group products to which keywords are in each ad group, you can customize your efforts to achieve your goals all in one place. 

A Cut Above the Rest

While other technology companies may have campaign-creation capabilities, none are as user-focused as Teikametrics’ Campaign Creator. Our experts saw how confusing and challenging this process could be, so they sought out to fix it. In the end, they developed a tool that is clear, easy-to-use, and flexible to meet all of your ecommerce needs.

Additionally, we’ve made it powerful enough to help you achieve your goals more readily with capabilities like:

  • Multi-channel: Supports both Amazon and Walmart through separate workflows that account for channel differences to maximize performance on each marketplace
  • Bulk edits: Allows for bulk editing of campaigns to save time and create cross-campaign and cross-channel consistency
  • Complete keyword management: Maximizes your performance across channels with strategic keyword implementations including,
    • Recommended keywords
    • Ability to enter sellers own keywords
    • Negative keyword support
  • Full preview capability: Clearly see how your campaigns will appear to users and make edits directly in this view

Campaign Creator – Try for Yourself

Flywheel 2.0 is the most powerful AI tool for brands looking to succeed on Amazon, Walmart, and beyond. Our premier tool pulls key statistics from multiple data streams, aggregating them into a single source of truth for your business. This means all of your strategies and updates will be powered by the most up-to-date, accurate information to keep you ahead of your competition.

Flywheel’s Campaign Creator takes this information to improve your ads and listings based on seasonality, time of day, your strengths, and your demographics’ preferences. With Amazon’s API integration, Flywheel pushes out updates to every ad and listing, every single hour, the fastest that Amazon allows.

To experience the groundbreaking difference Flywheel 2.0 provides, try it with a no-risk, 30-day trial today.