The latest entry of Teikametrics’ ongoing Agency Spotlight series focuses on our partner CITIES Market Studios. Below, we ask Director of Account Management Colin Zinnecker about the agency’s origins, what makes them exceptional in the marketplace, and how they use Teikametrics software to take their clients’ ecommerce efforts to new heights!

Q: How did CITIES Market Studios get started?

CITIES Market Studios is the product of a 2016 merger of three different companies, each of which focused on helping retailers and manufacturers achieve their objectives and grow their businesses in new and inventive ways. With more than 60 years of combined experience managing product companies, CITIES today is focused on working with businesses who seek to grow across major US Retailers and ecommerce platforms.

Q: What services does your agency provide?

Our mission is to drive sustainable, profitable growth for our clients at tier one retail outlets. To do this, we focus on providing our clients with services ranging from creative strategy, to sales and business development, to platform infrastructure and support. Throughout our history, we’ve built and executed omnichannel retail strategies for everyone from well-funded startups to established multi-national enterprises.

Q: What are some of the things that make CITIES Market Studios unique?

Our infrastructure was built and scaled over 20+ years functioning as a product company ourselves. Now, as a service provider for some of the top brands in US retail, we provide virtually every core competency that makes a brand successful on the shelf at retail, or on digital commerce platforms like Amazon. For brick-and-mortar this means everything from channel strategy, sales and account management, to sales operations. For Amazon, it includes deep experience in every area a brand would need to grow profitably on the retail site. This ranges from product page and creative asset production, to channel cleanup, to promotions and reviews strategies, to (of course) world class Amazon Advertising campaign management – just to name a few.

Q: Outside of Teikametrics for advertising, what are other big problems you help solve for sellers?

To successfully compete on Amazon a brand must execute across all areas that influence the Amazon A9 algorithm – that’s why we support them all. This includes building compelling Product Detail Pages, production of enhanced brand content and assets, keyword research, reviews strategies and customer engagement, promotions planning and management, channel defense against unauthorized resellers, customer service, operations planning, forecasting, and actionable reporting.

Q: What are the questions sellers should be asking themselves when it comes to growing their online business?

All businesses should be asking themselves the big questions that allow them to better set strategy over the next year or two.

What’s truly possible for your brand? How up is up? Then, what are your company’s primary business objectives and are you using Amazon the right way to drive these objectives? What is your five-year plan, and what do you want it to be? Is Amazon the primary player? Secondary player?

Q: Thinking about driving success for online businesses, what is one of your proudest moments as an agency?

Thanks in no small part to Teikametrics, but also our holistic strategy managing brands on Amazon, CITIES has grown every single one of our clients’ ad sales and total sales on Amazon, all while reducing ACoS within the first three months.

For more information on working with Blue Moon Digital, visit their Teikametrics Partner Page.