Teikametrics has created the Opportunity Analyzer, built to help you understand and analyze your business from an advertising perspective. How is your Amazon advertising impacting the incrementality in the top line sales of your business? What metrics are most important when analyzing your ad performance?

What Insights Does the Opportunity Analyzer Provide?

Just as the name suggests, the Opportunity Analyzer uses AI to dig into your campaigns to give you essential insights you may have missed, while providing a clear roadmap into what you could be doing differently, and better. You’ll see:

  • How advertising impacts your organic rank and total sales
  • Category-level benchmarks that help you refine your strategy
  • Competitor advertising tactics
  • Over and under-invested keywords
  • Campaign structure best practices
  • Wasted spend – and how to adjust to avoid waste

Let’s dig into a few of those examples to see how the Opportunity Analyzer can help you.

Category Level Benchmarks

As you know, ad performance can vary dramatically from category to category. The Opportunity Analyzer allows you to compare your campaigns, keywords, and individual product efficiencies to category-level benchmarks. This helps you find areas of opportunity where you can make improvements right away to reduce wasted spend, and to improve your ad performance. 

Better Keyword Strategy

The Opportunity Analyzer lets you identify how shoppers are finding your products, and will make recommendations on how to properly allocate spend among branded, competitor, and generic keywords. You want to protect your brand, but you also need to know which competitors to target, and how to get those top of funnel shoppers searching for your types of products. By breaking down your ad efficiency by audience behavior, you can decide if you need to reallocate your spend from one type of campaign to another to be more efficient and win more sales.

What Opportunity Analyzer Gives You

You’ll get a fully comprehensive report of your advertising performance. From keywords, campaigns, and the different ad types you’re using, you’ll understand key efficiency levers you can take action on. You’ll also get an insightful look into the advertising strategies your competitors are using. You can see where they’re beating you, and where there is an opportunity to grab market share.

We wanted to show you how we think about a business, and how we want brands to think about their business when they look under the hood. A low ACOS shouldn’t be the only goal. There’s a bigger picture – you want to be able to easily see where you’re investing and how you’re spending ad dollars in incremental drivers for your business. That’s why the tool exists, and why we exist. To help you be more successful.

Now, a small disclaimer about the Opportunity Analyzer. There is a lot of nuance as to why percentages across ad units or keyword types might vary from business to business. 

For instance, if you’re launching a new product, you’re going to need to fuel the Flywheel to increase organic visibility. The fastest way to do that is to drive sales, and the fastest way to drive sales is to advertise. The fraction of margin on that product that you’re going to invest in advertising is going to be greater than on a more mature product where you’re trying to harvest more profit. The Opportunity Analyzer is contextual – we give you the benchmarks of where you want to go, but your business fuels the data.

Want to check it out? Get in touch with us and we’ll deep dive into your data with you!