Yesterday we announced our new Flywheel Campaign Creator which is designed to align your Amazon campaigns with your product goals. Today we’re sharing how quick and easy it is to use Flywheel Campaign Creator. 

Building effective Sponsored Products campaigns for your Amazon listings can take hours, even for experienced e-commerce analysts. It involves a lot of messing with spreadsheets, uploading to Seller Central, and crossing your fingers that you’ve gotten every cell filled out correctly.

A good campaign structure is the foundation for good campaign performance, which is why it’s important to build out these campaigns with thoughtful organization. Proper setup is a major part of helping you meet your advertising goals. 

Flywheel Campaign Creator doesn’t just structure your campaigns to align with your goals, it turns these hours of manual campaign building into minutes of easy clicking.

Here’s how to use the feature:

  1. Select the products you want to advertise
  2. Set goals for each product
  3. Enter brand and competitor terms if applicable
  4. Review and edit if needed

Flywheel analyzes all these inputs and builds fully structured campaigns, designed to align with your goals. 

Before the new campaigns go live you’ll have the opportunity to customize details such as structure, names, and budget to your individualized needs. Once finalized, Flywheel pushes your campaigns directly to Amazon so there’s no need for you to log into Seller Central.

What’s great is that as your business grows and your goals change, you can update your campaigns directly in Flywheel to match those changes. 

We know you’re a busy person with a business to run. We wanted to take a time-consuming task off your plate and do it in a really smart way that sets you up for advertising success. That’s why we built this tool.

Learn how Flywheel Campaign Creator can work for you. Start your 30-day free trial!