The latest entry of Teikametrics’ ongoing Agency Spotlight series focuses on our partner Blue Moon Digital. Below, we ask Blue Moon Digital’s CEO Cindy Brown about the agency’s origins, what makes them exceptional in the marketplace, and how they use Teikametrics software to take their clients’ ecommerce efforts to new heights!

Q: How did Blue Moon Digital get started?

I founded Blue Moon Digital, Inc. in 2003. As a mathematician turned digital marketer, I built the agency on the concept that ‘Data Drives Success’. I got my start in digital marketing in the late 90’s providing email strategy and email delivery services to large publishers and catalogers. From there, I cultivated my digital skills as the Vice President of Email Product Development and Operations at Experian.

Leveraging my love for numbers and a knack for seeing patterns, I decided to strike out on my own and formed Blue Moon Digital, Inc. What’s helped our clients surpass industry growth rates by more than 3X is our digital mindset and competitive prowess. And much like the digital landscape, the agency has evolved and thrived due to my and the team’s steadfast commitment to growth and embracing change in the digital age.

Q: What services does your agency provide?

We deliver end-to-end brand transformation from strategy, solution design, and architecture to program management and measurement – leveraging the following capabilities:

Agency Services: To Promote & Engage
Our full funnel agency services, available for domestic and international or multicultural markets, include; Digital Strategy, Paid Social Advertising, Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search & Shopping, Marketplace Advertising & Management, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Creative Development, Email Marketing, and CRM & Audience Strategy.

Analytics & Data Science: To Measure, Optimize, & Predict
We offer analytics and data science to enrich our agency services as well as equip your internal teams with deeper business intelligence. These services include analytics expertise in Website & Database Analytics, Tag Management, A/B Testing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Usability Studies, and Real-Time Client Benchmarking.

Our in-house data science team has developed proprietary data solutions, such as Multi-touch Marketing Attribution, Custom Machine Learning Regression Models & Predictions, Outlier and Anomaly Detection, and our exclusive Predictive eCommerce Revenue Algorithm. All data science solutions are built in the cloud comprised of a combination of databases, R, and Python.

Technology Solutions: To Visualize & Automate
We build upon your tech stack with industry-leading solutions to get more out of your data, through offerings that include; Domo Implementation, Pre-Built eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Merchandising & Fulfillment Report Dashboards, and Custom Report Dashboards. In addition, we offer proprietary applications like our Revenue Equation App, patent-approved Visual Intelligence Cubes which use 3D plotting of marketing metrics, Visual Merchant, and Custom Application Development.

Q: What are some of the things that make Blue Moon Digital unique?

At Blue Moon Digital, our mission is to lead our clients through their digital transformation journey involving their customer interactions. Our experience stems from over 16 years focused on the constant mission of bringing to life a simple marketing concept: Data Drives Success. That vision is woven into everything we do, and data continues to be the driving force behind all our strategies.

To keep pace in this ever-changing digital landscape, we leverage data in real-time to gain insights, see patterns of what’s working and what’s not working, and recommend actions to optimize clients’ marketing programs and enhance business performance.

Furthermore, we’ve deepened our agency services by creating our own propriety data solutions including real-time client benchmarking, data visualizations, and automation of repetitive functions, and our exclusive predictive revenue algorithm. That algorithm is optimized by our data scientists and powered by technology solutions like our exclusive marketing apps, reporting dashboards, and industry leading licensed tools.

We believe that your data is your future.

Q: Outside of Teikametrics for advertising, what are other big problems you help solve for sellers?

We pride ourselves in handling a multitude of issues brought to us by our clients, from managing listings and inventory, to ensuring the brand is protected and winning the Buy Box on a regular basis. In the retail world, especially consumer goods, online resellers, as well as brick & mortar stores, are a constantly changing variable that must be accounted for daily. Working in conjunction with the client and their resellers is an essential component to ensure not only campaign success, but success for the entire program.

For listings management, we focus on optimizing products and aligning their copy with the way customers are searching. Not only in the search queries they initially use in the search bar, but also in the way potential customers talk about and look for products based on features or intended functionality. These optimizations are placed in key fields on each listing and we also expand our influence over to A+ content and brand store pages, where we can align messaging and further expand on our targeted copy.

Q: What are the questions sellers should be asking themselves when it comes to growing their online business?

The most important step in growing online retail sales with Amazon is finding out how and where the marketplace fits into your business. Although typically a natural fit for bottom of the funnel strategies and tactics, it is essential for stakeholders to analyze their current sales channels to avoid cannibalization of higher margin sales while still capitalizing on Amazon’s immense scalability.

Q: Thinking about driving success for online businesses, what is one of your proudest moments as an agency?

Prime Day, as any seller knows, can make or break your year. This isn’t specific to your digital channels, but the entire business. A new client of the agency, who was also relatively new to Amazon, was unsure how their products would perform against the world’s top brands on the busiest Amazon shopping day of the year. We took a multi-step approach to not only increase our odds of converting shoppers into buyers, but boost visibility of our inventory during this crucial period.

To increase traffic, we offered exclusive discounts across the brand’s top products and partnered with a major affiliate to increase awareness of available deals. This strategy helped push a +674% jump in clicks compared to the same days week-over-week – a period where the client had initially forecasted +50% growth. In order to improve the likelihood of conversions and ensure ad dollars were not wasted, we created Prime Day specific campaigns that actively used Teikametrics bid tools to adjust what we were willing to pay-per-click at various times throughout the day based on current and historical data. This granular process led us to our most important proof point of success for the initiative, increasing sales by +3,266% compared to the week prior.

For more information on working with Blue Moon Digital, visit their Teikametrics Partner Page.