The success of any marketplace—let alone seller—relies on how trustworthy it is. If customers don’t believe they will get the high-quality products they are promised, they will go elsewhere for their shopping solutions. To help protect the consumer experience, seller success, and Amazon’s own brand image, Amazon has doubled down on its counterfeit protection in four key areas. With these steps, no matter who is selling or purchasing, everyone will have a consistent positive experience, that is not ruined by 700,000 caught and stopped bad actors. Let’s dig in.

Seller Vetting

 As mentioned above, Amazon prevented 700,000 accounts from being created and selling counterfeit goods in their marketplace. Much of this success is due to the improved seller-vetting process. Their improved verification process includes:

  • Document forgery detection
  • Image and video verification
  • Technology to confirm authenticity of government-issued documents
  • Consistently-improved machine-based learning tools

These factors catch bad actors before they have a chance to enter the marketplace and offer faulty products, protecting the reputation and experience of all involved.

Machine Learning

Scammers never sleep, so neither can the defense against them. To aid in protecting sellers and shoppers, Amazon upgraded their machine-learning algorithms to catch more bad actors. This automated vetting project helped decrease the valid notices of infringement while overall product sales continued to rise. Amazon’s models use thousands of signals, including data provided by brands enrolled in Brand Registry, to protect customers and brands. These tools were able to get as specific to detect complex visual changes to existing logos, shapes, and patterns. Every step forward protects the trust customers and sellers have in each other and Amazon.

Extending Partnerships

Amazon recognized the importance of reaching beyond their scope. They began partnering with brands and law enforcement to stop counterfeiters from abusing other retailers’ stores. In fact, Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit has pursued more than 21,000 bad actors through litigation and criminal referrals to law enforcement. These efforts stop the crimes before they begin and have a chance to adjust and circumvent the other steps Amazon has taken to keep their marketplace safe and secure.

Educating Consumers

Despite the damages counterfeit products leverage, there are consumers who are unaware of this. Amazon is helping lessen the demand for these products by educating shoppers about the risks associated with this class of items. Additionally, Amazon continues to expand their methods for connecting with shoppers to ensure they achieve the highest results possible.

To read more about these updates, we encourage you to read the full brief from Amazon here.