When it comes to drawing in customers and convincing them to convert, keywords are king. However, targeting matters just as much as it controls who gets served your ads. When used in concert, they help you boost sales, maximize ROI, and outpace your competition. When leveraged incorrectly, however, they cost you time, money, and market share. Fortunately, Teikametrics just upgraded Flywheel 2.0 with Keyword & Targeting Actions to ensure you spend every ad dollar successfully.

What is the Keyword & Targeting Actions update?

Flywheel 2.0 Keyword & Targeting Actions provides users with a streamlined workflow to review and accept AI-recommended keywords and targeting actions quickly. These actions include Keywords to Add and Keywords to Negate. Taking these actions will result in the most effective use of budget, ensuring that every ad dollar is wisely invested in the best keywords and targets. 

In our research, the Keyword & Targeting Actions update unlocks powerful benefits for users:

  • Less time spent on optimization tasks
  • More actions completed week-to-week
  • Decreased inefficient spend

Keyword & Targeting Actions achieves these major successes through three key features:

  • Keyword & Targeting Actions Dashboard: Central hub where users can access and manage all keyword and targeting actions for various merchants. It provides clarity and efficiency for advertisers, especially those managing multiple merchants, by presenting a unified view of available actions for optimization.
  • Keywords to Add: Our AI discovers new, high-quality, personalized keywords to drive increased ad sales for your Sponsored Products campaigns and ad groups. 
  • Keywords to Negate: Our AI discovers ways to mitigate inefficient ad spend by preventing Sponsored Products campaigns from displaying against non-converting search. 

Benefits of the Flywheel Keyword Update

In development of Keyword & Targeting Actions, we unlocked major benefits for sellers, including:

Time Savings of  up to 10 hours a week: Streamlining daily and weekly keyword and target optimization workflows saves valuable time and effort that would otherwise be spent on navigating through various tools and reports. 

Keywords to Add: AI-driven curation of keywords identifies potential new keywords from multiple data sources. Then, it evaluates each potential keyword to predict their impact on ad performance. This ensures that recommended keywords have a higher chance of success compared to manually chosen keywords.

Keywords to Negate: Unique AI-powered recommendations help sellers avoid inefficient ad spend by identifying irrelevant search terms. Unlike manual searches, it streamlines workflows, saves time, and enhances the effectiveness of negative keyword choices.

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential with Flywheel 2.0

The only way to take full advantage of the groundbreaking Keyword & Targeting Actions tool is to use Flywheel 2.0. However, that is simply where the benefits begin.

Using the latest data from multiple sources, Flywheel 2.0 updates every ad every hour to maximize your results. It’s the surefire way to grow your business while saving time and money. Better yet, our experts can help you understand the ins and outs of our software to ensure you’re meeting your customers where they are with the products they want to buy. Experience the difference with a no-risk, 30-day trial.