Sellers and brands today are selling their products on the world’s largest, most complex store shelves ever. 

Those shelves exist on digital marketplaces. So, we’re not talking about a physical shelf – we’re talking about the digital shelf.

Millions of users visit Amazon and Walmart’s marketplace each month. Competition for those shoppers’ attention and wallets is fierce, and it’s easy for products to get lost in the vast digital space.

What’s needed is a powerful and actionable way to conduct competitive intelligence research to understand your brand’s share of voice and to inform a continuously evolving marketplace strategy. 

Unlike a grocery store aisle, marketplaces can be crowded and infinite at the same time, and they’re constantly changing.

Introducing Market Intelligence for Flywheel 2.0

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Market Intelligence capabilities for Flywheel 2.0. Market Intelligence gives sellers and brands the data they need to compete effectively and see incremental growth on the biggest, most rapidly changing marketplaces. 

Our mission at Teikametrics is to help sellers and brands maximize their potential on the most valuable marketplaces, by combining data, AI, and expertise. That’s exactly what we’re doing with Market Intelligence capabilities in Flywheel 2.0.

Market Intelligence in Flywheel 2.0 unlocks powerful brand coverage on search data.

Market Intelligence Unlocks Powerful Data

Search terms are critical to both the organic and sponsored performance of marketplace products. Market Intelligence ingests marketplace keyword data to unlock vital share of voice insights.

The software provides a competitive advantage enabling sellers and brands to track and measure brand coverage and product ranking across search terms.

Getting insights into who your competitors are and how they’re performing helps you determine who you need to defend against as well as what brands might present opportunities for conquest.

Brand coverage on search

Brand Coverage on Search (BCS) gives you insight into which brands are winning the most appearances for a specific term and how your brand performance stacks up against your competitors, so you can understand your share of voice on the marketplace. 

Specifically, BCS measures the percentage of times that a brand’s listings appear on the first page of search results for a specific search term over a given time period.

Product rank

Product rank will show you how visible your product is and where there are opportunities to increase visibility. 

Average product rank is measured as the percentage of times a particular listing appears on the first page of search results and specifically where it appeared on that page.

Market Intelligence Integrated With Ad Optimization

Having access to this data is only as important as one’s ability to be able to interpret its meaning and most importantly, turn it into actions. The secret that makes Market Intelligence unprecedentedly powerful is the integration between this competitive intelligence data and ad optimization. 

This integration of market data and ad data in one platform enables you to seamlessly leverage market data to optimize ad strategy. You then feed ad data back into the market analysis for a flywheel effect of incremental gains. 

Continuous monitoring enables you to answer questions about how your products rank, who your competitors are, and how these trends change over time.

Use these insights to understand when and how you need to leverage brand defense advertising strategies, unearth opportunities for competitor conquesting, or to understand and optimize new product performance.

Use Cases To Optimize Your Brand Coverage on Search With Ads

  • Increase Market Share: Use Market Intelligence to measure the performance of top terms and identify opportunities to increase page one appearances for new generic terms using a keyword isolation campaign. 
  • Improve Product Ranking: Analyze product positioning data over time to identify when products are rising or falling in the ranking so you can increase shelf-space for top-performing products. 
  • Defend your Brand: Monitor the performance of your branded terms to learn when new competitors begin targeting you.  
  • Target Competitors: Leverage market intelligence data to identify competitors outperforming you. Review your competitor’s products to see how they’re differentiating themselves in the market. Increase spend on these terms and expand PAT targeting to improve product ranking on these terms.
Flywheel 2.0 integrates Market Intelligence with Advertising Optimization.

How To Get Market Intelligence

At this time, Market Intelligence is exclusively provided for our managed services customers. These customers are already enjoying the benefits that come from empowering our winning combination of expert services and powerful AI with even more valuable data. 

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