As a remote-first organization, pets are more than just work-from-home companions; they are a big part of Team Teika, honorary teammates! Whether we see them snoozing in the background, walking across the keyboard or letting everyone on a call know that someone is at the door – they have become our fellow co-workers. To celebrate National Pet Day, we’re excited to introduce the many four-legged Teikstars. 


Grinnell is a 6-year-old Sheepadoodle that belongs to Michaela Olson, our Talent Acquisition Manager. Being a Seattlite, Grinnell loves all things outdoors. Her favorite activities include swimming, biking and guarding the neighborhood from squirrels and rabbits. She spends the workday alerting everyone on Zoom when packages get delivered, moving between her many different beds and getting her beauty rest so she’s refreshed for her after-work adventures. 


Winston is the newest addition to our Chief People Officer, Marian Spurrier’s, household. 

Winston is an 8-month-old, so still has a lot of energy! He spends most of his mornings getting ready for the workday by going for a long walk and playing fetch to get a lot of energy out. He typically takes “Zoom” meetings by zzzz-ing in the background. Sometimes he likes to show Teika teammates his favorite Nylabone or Rex, his favorite tuff toy. His favorite treats are ice cubes!


Leddy is our Senior Technical Recruiter, Andrea Jolly’s, 3-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 

Leddy loves to keep Mom company during the workday! She typically sits behind Mom on the bed or in Mom’s comfy chair next to her desk (napping is definitely high on the list of workday activities). Leddy also loves going for lunchtime walks, snuggling on the couch, and chewing on her favorite toy (a faux tree branch) to stay busy when Mom is in meetings. She loves peanut butter-filled Kongs and Greenies!


Marley recently celebrated a birthday, turning 10 on April 8th! Alex Leifer, our Account Executive, adopted him when he was 3 years old. His day consists of naps on the bed, naps on Alex’s lap and naps on random sweatshirts on the floor. Marley loves lap time and work from home has been the best change for him. His favorite snacks are carrots and cheese sticks, and he goes bananas for any lunch meats and dentastix after his walk. 


Shiro belongs to Subham Sharma, one of our Software Engineers. Shiro loves going on walks. He loves eggs and playing with balls, be them big or small. He mostly sleeps during the workday.


Chester is our Strategic Growth Manager, Liz Giegerich’s, 2-year-old Aussie-doodle. Chester is Liz’s “velcro dog” since he has to be with her 24/7. He often makes appearances during zoom calls since he’s usually sitting on Liz’s lap. Chester is obsessed with all humans and dogs (despises birds and squirrels) and LOVES to make new friends. Chester is 18lbs of fury – his favorite activity is tug of war & wrestling with massive dogs in the park. Favorite treats are peanut butter, cheese, or whipped cream!

Gunner and Bella

Gunner and Bella belong to Mario Volpe, our eCommerce Analyst. Gunner (13) and Bella (8) love to hang out and keep Mario company while he works from home. They take long naps throughout the day and look forward to play and snack time. Gunner loves his ball, Bella loves her tug-rope. Their favorite treats are Ol’ Roy munchy bones. Gunner likes to attend meetings alongside Mario, while Bella is a bit more shy but you’ll certainly hear her bark! They enjoy going for hikes and long walks. Bella is an accomplished huntress and Gunner is a retired agility specialist. 


Colbie is a 1-year-old female Golden Retriever, belonging to David Hassler, Manager, Premium Services Technology. During the workday, she is generally playing with her favorite Fluff & Tuff toys, looking out the back door as the elementary schoolers enjoy recess, or lounging on the bed and looking out the front window at all the passersby. After work, she loves playing with other dogs and humans at a members-only dog park while David and his wife enjoy a happy hour beer (or two!). Her favorite treats are without a doubt WHIMZEES dental chews.

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