Teikametrics’ bidder makes millions of changes on our customers’ behalf, something no human would have the time to do, and now, we’re showing it more clearly than ever. Our new Predictive AI Visualization feature simplifies AI, providing clear insights to optimize your campaigns for skyrocketing growth. Whether you’re a large enterprise business, agency, or individual seller, it’s time to ditch the guesswork and unleash the power of data-driven advertising!

Lack of Visibility into AI Effectiveness Hinders Advertising Optimization

Understanding how your advertising campaigns perform and how to leverage AI for campaign optimization are constant struggles sellers face in the e-commerce industry. Without deep insights into AI’s impact, it becomes increasingly difficult to gauge effectiveness and optimize advertising strategies to help scale your business. 

Predictive AI Visualization Unveils the Black Box, Giving You Control 

Teikametrics is setting brands up for success by giving them complete control and visibility into their advertising performance to ensure they have the tools they need to scale their business. Our new Predictive AI feature in our Compass Dashboard was created to provide sellers with clear and intuitive data that showed:

  • Number of daily bid changes made by AI over time
  • Number of Ad groups enabled with AI over time

At Teikametrics, everything we create is made with our customers in mind, and our goal is to help simplify all the aspects that go into growing a business. With our Predictive AI feature, sellers will have access to

  • Increased Transparency: See exactly how AI makes bid changes in real time, boosting confidence and understanding.
  • Deeper AI Impact Insights: Visualize AI’s performance across ad groups, identify ROI leaders, and optimize accordingly.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed choices based on concrete AI performance data, leading to improved campaign performance.
  • Improved Timeframe Analysis: Analyze AI activity and impact across different timeframes, identifying trends and measuring long-term success.
  • Simplified Access & Visualization: Access clear charts directly within the dashboard, saving time and effort.

Embrace Transparency, Unleash Growth

So whether you’re a large agency or an individual seller with a limited budget, Predictive AI Visualization has you covered. Big sellers can gain a bird’s-eye view, comparing AI performance across categories to identify underperformers and confidently test adjustments. This allows for targeted optimization and maximizes results across your entire product portfolio.Don’t let black-box AI hold you back. Unleash the power of insights with Predictive AI Visualization and take your advertising to the next level! For more support from the best AI in the industry, talk to us today.